A set group of beings that wind up assigned with roles from stories from long ago from a world far far away.

There are different generations of Bookmarked. Each gen tends to have some sort of theme to add variety to them with the first generation having been the most “accurate” to the original fairy tales. The single constant is that the first fable in every single generation is always a Sleeping Beauty. While they sleep, new fairytales are born and only stop when the Beauty wakes up.

It’s basically a big cycle.

Every fable’s lifetime varies as they can be different species but they often live a bit longer than the average human lifespan, meaning it’s possible for two of the same fairytale to exist.


Since the first human, Bookmarked have existed.


Excess magic builds up in Bookmarked beings from the day they are born that eventually boils over and manifests into a weapon known as a "Märchen". Bookmarked have the ability to regenerate from injuries, see magical things others normally cannot, and wield a Märchen. They cannot be killed unless it's by heartbreak or another Bookmarked's Märchen.

They take many forms, ranging from an actual weapon to the manifestation of an element. Some can even alter their wielder's body.

Tell-Tale Heart
What sets a Bookmarked apart from the average Lore inhabitant. These are magical organs invisible to the naked eye and can only be viewed with the use of magic. They are the reason for why, when a Bookmarked takes a should-be fatal injury, they heal up and bounce right back. Grimfather is in charge of repairing broken hearts.