Amelia Persica


She is a fan of making puns and an even bigger fan of her girlfriend, Maple.


Amelia can be a mom friend or a casual joker depending on who she's around. She cares about the important things and remains focused to complete a necessary task. Amelia enjoys making people feel happy and has a goal to see everyone smile at least once.


Amelia grew up on a small far with 6 of her younger siblings and their parents. Being the older child, Raziela was used to having to take care her brothers and sisters while her parents were busy in town. The family struggled financially occasionally but most of the time they lived comfortably.

One day the family fell on especially hard times. Their father was at the edge of his patience when a well dressed man suddenly approached him. He seemed to take an interest in his family's plight. Leaving a couple bags of gold on a loan, he simply requested to be paid back in full later with something of equal weight. Amelia's father was ecstatic at the transaction and promised he'd pay the man back in full before taking all the gold home to his family.

For some time, life was good for Amelia's family.

At least until the gold ran out some years later. That same day, the man returned to collect. Amelia's dad panicked, having not told his family about the man's terms and conditions. Her mother, upon learning where the money truly came from, was less than pleased and forced the stranger to come out with what he truly desired.

The man stated that he wanted something of equal weight in gold. He stated that he'd return in a week for the family to sort out whatever that meant. Throughout the week, the family worked especially hard to get at much gold to pay the man back but unfortunately, nothing could add up to the complete weight of the bags they had been given.

That Sunday, the man returned and the family offered up the gold they had scrambled together. However, the man turned it down, stating it wasn't necessary as they already had what he desired. He then turned his gaze upon Amelia, who was discovered to weigh the exact same as all the bags he had given the family. Upon connecting the dots, Amelia said there was no way she would be given to some stranger in a barter. The family was split, with her father begging her to accept and her mother begging the man to choose anything else. The stranger decided to give them one last extension. Only this time would be 24 hours.

That night, Amelia's father finally came to his senses, realizing he couldn't just hand over his daughter to some strange man. However, he knew that he would persist. So, Amelia came up with a solution, although it was extreme. If she weighed the same as the bags, she'd just take away some weight.

Her screams of pain echoes through the farm. During the ordeal, Amelia passed out, waking up inside her book room. Here, she was informed she was bookmarked and activated her Märchen. When she awoke, she saw a flurry of bloody feathers and her family's confused and horrified expressions as large angelic wings had sprouted from her pack. Looking down, where hands had been were now wrapped in bloody gauze.

When the stranger returned, he seemed less pleased to find out his potential wife no longer fit the bill. Actually um...he was quite pissed. So much so that he was about to rain fury upon the family as he really only desired Amelia, thus why he had targeted her father in the inn that one night and gave him gold. This was also why he had been so patient with the family, hoping that they would believe it was kindness and convince Amelia to go with him, thinking he'd be a good husband.

Amelia, now pissed that she had watched her family stress and panic all for a man who saw her as a prize, challenged the stranger to a battle. Her family were surprised to say the least, as well as the stranger. He even went on to warn her that a battle wouldn't go as she'd expect, but Amelia persisted. So the man agreed.

And then he grew bigger.

And then he grew horns.

Amelia was beginning to regret her decision but she stood her ground, stating that if she won, the man would have to leave her family alone but if she lost, he could have her. Surprisingly enough, the fight ended in Amelia's favor, mainly due to the bloody devil not wanting to harm her and having shown mercy. Thankfully, he was a man of his word and left the family alone. Yet Amelia wanted to make sure he would stay away and decided to leave so if he came back, they would be safe.

After a tearful good bye, Amelia fly off to find a safer location...and then she got caught in a storm. She thought she was going to crash land into a forest, but instead-she crashed into Briar Patch, having passed through the barrier. Not only that but she landed on Maple.

Skills and Abilities

Amelia is highly flexible, capable of bending her legs at near improbable angles, along with high toe dexterity. This mainly helps with her picking things up.


Angelic Assist causes Amelia to sprout two giant angel wings from her back that she can use to fly and even manipulate as unconventional hands..


  • Amelia adores making puns.