Drake Sage


A lad who is capable of shapeshifting. He has a strong interest in dragons and wishes to shift into one one day.


A carefree guy, Drake is hard to stress out. He tends to go with the flow of things and enjoys making jokes.

Skills and Abilities

Drake is well versed in magic, although he can't cast any spells himself. He's also very well informed about animals, both mundane and mythical.


Shapeshifting allows him to turn into any animal, so long as he knows the specifics of how it looks. Smaller forms are easier to maintain while larger forms take a lot more focus.


  • Although he's good friends with the Anxiety Trio, he is especially close to Miseria who gifted him his dragon hoodie.
  • Out of everyone in the main group, the og fairytale of Drake may be the least heard of.