Miseria Muffet


Miseria has a bit of a spider problem which drives her a little mad. She can usually be found in her favorite spot, under a tree, eating curds and whey, though she can also be found screaming and running for her life from spiders. Miseria has arachnophobia to the point it's concerning. Which sucks for her since spiders seem to constantly be lured to her. She used to live in Nursery Town in the Soleful Orphanage.


Miseria grew up in the Soleful Orphanage after being abandoned by her parents due to her bookmark attracting ink stains. Things were pretty dull for her there as most kids avoided her due to her strange habits. She often stayed to herself.

One day, while the caretaker was away, she winded up getting shoved into a closet and locked in as a cruel prank. During her time in the darkness, she could feel things crawling along her skin. Her cries to be freed were ignored and she remained locked in the small space until the caretaker finally returned. Upon being set free, she tumbled out absolutely covered in spiders and webs.

Since that day, she's be horrified of spiders while they've been enamored with her.

Skills and Abilities

Miseria is skilled at needle and thread.


Arachne allows Miseria to morphe her form into that of a monstrous spider-like entity, complete with the 8 eyes and legs. In this form, she can climb and cling to surfaces as well as produce weps from her body. It's very important she doesn't catch a glimpse of herself in a reflective surface or her fear will cancel her Märchen out.


  • Miseria enjows sewing in her free time and often makes and fixes clothes for other people in Briar Patch
    • Miseria is actually the one to make Drake's dragon hoodie.