An ink fairy on a mission to rewrite the world of fairy tales for the worse. Fueled by her hatred of boredom and predictability, Nevermore uses ink and her followers to twist the world into her desired image. She is amused by the Fabled Five's attempts to stop her mischief. She firmly believes that no happy ending can exist without a struggle.


Nevermore comes off as friendly and easily approachable. She seldom takes things very seriously and often cracks a joke at every situation. Underneathe her jolly exterior is a fairy filled with centuries of spite. She dislikes being bored with a passion.

Due to her background as an ex-Fairy Godmother, she comes off as very motherly very easily. This is something she uses to her advantage as she manipulates the people around her to do her bidding. While it's unknown if she truly cares about the Bookmarked working under her, she is entertained by their company.

While Nevermore is a major antagonistic force in the world of Lore, she can't help but find fairy tales and the Storybook Cycle interesting. There is a twisted adoration in the world she lives in that manifests in her dissecting it to see how it's insides can be manipulated and altered.


Nevermore used to be the Fairy of Fables. She was tasked with recording each and every Bookmarked and their storybook paths. This included every little detail and subtle change. Since the very first Bookmarked, Nevermore had had this task assigned to her. It is unknown at what point she had become tired of it but all that is known is that she had decided a long time ago to forgo her record keeping to a more interesting venture.

However, Nevermore refused to quit like a normal person. She wanted to send a message. Something that nobody would ever forget. Something that would change the world as everyone knew it. And what better a solution than declaring war on happy endings in general?

Skills and Abilities

Nevermore figured out how to fuse her ink with her magic and alter her own form. The side effects of this has led to her having the ability to control ink and manifest monsters known as Stains.

Magic Boots
A gift from his late father, these boots just increase his agility and speed as well as raise his stamina. Jack can leap large heights and even run up vertical or dangerous surfaces.


  • Nevermore has a "Ohohoh" evil laugh she does but it's sole purpose is to mock others.