Paulie Hopper


Miss Castor's right hand man. He used to be a regular prince but had an unfortunate run in with Anura and ended up croaking. Miss Castor managed to lift some of the spell placed on him, resulting in his froglike appearance.


Paulie is easy to talk to and is one of the first to leap in to help someone. He likes when things are in order. Paulie tends to jump easily and flinches occasionally at the slightest of movement...which is understandable when one is cursed to transform into a frog anytime anything hit them hard enough.

Skills and Abilities

Due to being a frog, he has certain habits such as eating flies, hopping around, and croaking when he gets surprised.

Swamp Switch
Anytime Paulie gets blunt force trauma to the head, he poofs and changes forms.


Webbed Weaponary allows him to summon a sword and shield in battle.


  • Paulie is quite fond of reading, he just wished the pages wouldn't stick to him because of that damn mucus.
  • Paulie is a frequent babysitter for Hazel and Kettle. This isn't because he chooses to be, it's just that no one else is willing to watch the village gremlins and he's just so used to their chaos at this point.
    • This frog man is forever thankful for Jack deciding to live in Briar Patch
  • Paulie loves to snack on bugs but is terribly self concious about it. He does his best to hide his habit but everyone either already assumed or already knows.
    • His favorite bugs to snack on are mealworms. Especially if they are dried and crispy.