Paulie Wog


Miss Castor's right hand man, he's also SOMEWHAT a baby sitter for Hazel and Kettle. He used to be a regular prince but had an unfortunate run in with Anura and ended up croaking.


Paulie is easy to talk to and is one of the first to jump in to help someone. He likes when things are in order.


Originally, Paulie was in line to get married to a high-class girl named Millicent to smooth relations over between both families. Unfortunately, he had no interest in her and honestly found her quite hard to talk to. However, he winded up falling in love with a young witch named Anura and began to see her occasionally.

However, he didn't have enough time to cancel the engagement and Anura found out. Heartbroken and under the belief that she was simply a side piece, Paulie was dumped and cursed. This specific spell didn't take effect until Pauloe got smooched by Millicent at a party held by her father to celebrate their soon to be approaching union. With a poof of pink smoke, he was a small little frog and surrounded by screams from everyone.

Before he had time to react, Millicent sent him flying with a kick, which temporarily transformed him back into a human...of sorts. Of course in the panic of the pink smoke emerging again, he got whacked by a serving plate, turning him back into a frog and releasing more pink smoke. With the smoke covering everyone's vision, Paulie fled from the scene where he frantically began to search for Anura to cure him.

Of course, all he had to do was follow the cackling to find her, but he didn't find any mercy as she rubbed her trick in his face. To add insult to injury, she revealed she had no plans to cure him and instead threatened to dissect him. Now alone and a bounty on his head, he fled the kingdom.

Some time later, he winded up running into Miss Castor during her pre-Briar Patch traveles. Taking pity on him, she took him along with her.

Skills and Abilities

Due to being a frog, he has certain habits such as eating flies, hopping around, and croaking when he gets surprised.

Swamp Switch
Anytime Paulie gets blunt force trauma to the head, he poofs and changes forms.


Webbed Weaponary allows him to summon a sword and shield in battle.


  • Paulie is quite fond of reading, he just wished the pages wouldn't stick to him because of that damn mucus.
  • Even though she cursed him, Paulie still has some feelings for Anura.
  • Paulie Wog's name is a play on the word "Polliwog" which is another term for tadpole.