Piper Mint Hollis


Pepper, known by close friends as Piper, may or may not be the son of a certain rat king who frowns upon his choice of freelancing instead of ruling a rat army. He is great with a tune. He is usually in his guard tower and is in charge of sounding alarms.


Piper is a rather carefree guy...on the surface. He tries hard to avoid worrying people and likes to make others happy but struggles with his own emotions at times. He feels a lot of stress from his father, especially during the holidays. Piper strongly dislikes those that uses others for their own gains and prey on the weak.


Piper was born between the union of a human and the three-headed Rat King. Since he was a wee child, he leaned more towards the musical side of life rather than learning how to rule over his fathers' kingdom. This was the point of a lot of tension as the two would bump heads, even when he was child, as they would disagree over how he'd spend his time.

Late one night, during one of his moonlight wanderings, Piper winded up hearing a strange tune that piqued his interest. However, he managed right in time to notice a near endless trail of rats. His curiosity gained the best of him and he trailed behind the rats to see what was at the end of the line. However, the closer he got to the source, the louder the music became and the harder it was to stop himself. Eventually, he had became a moving shell, only capable of watching himself but incapable of stopping.

Near the end of trance, he spotted a figure at the edge of a cliff dressed in strange attire with a flute clutched in his hands.

They made eye contact and everything seemed to freeze. Then, as soon as the clock hit one, the figure vanished from sight, the music suddenly stopping. Piper was left alone, märchen activated with a mischief of lost and confused rats.

His father was awoken to his son bringing home new residents for the kingdom.

During Piper's teenage years, things got worse between the two as he became more interested in music and less in his more princely duties. One night, a fight between fathers and son resorted in Piper running away from home to find a new place to call his own. Piper spent quite a few years wandering the lands of Upon with only the company of rats, mice, and those in between before he stumbled across Briar Patch.

Eventually, he settled down and has remained in the town ever since, practicing his tunes freely.

Skills and Abilities

Being the son of the Rat King, Piper can speak to and understand mice, rats, and all those in between. And due to his ranking, they obey his requests. Being part rat himself, Piper has a keen sense of smell and hearing.


Wandering Whistle allows Piper to create visual and auditory illusions just from his whistling

Mood Reading
Piper is capable of picking up on the mood of another. He can also translate the emotion into a tune he whistles which can be especially helpful in illusion manipulation.


  • Piper strongly dislikes the Christmas time because his dad constantly tries to get him to visit.
  • Piper has an extensive mental archive of tunes and can take nearly any request.