Ramya Bellflower


Ramya is a book worm with big dreams of exploring the world. She spends most of her time in the library with her face in the pages.


Ramya is always excited to share new information as well as learn it.


Ramya was raised by a kind witch after her parents had gotten in a wee bit of trouble with her for eating her magical crops. Thankfully, the grudge didn't carry onto the child and the witch made sure she was well cared for. However, with all the strange ink creatures lurking around, she had crafted a tall tower meant to keep Ramya safe from harm.

However, such a solution could only work for so long. Especially when Ramya's Märchen awoke. The ink stains were of course drawn to this beacon of magic and began to target the tower. While the witch managed to hold them off, they took to inhabiting the forest surrounding them. Which meant any attempt for someone to come or go would end in disaster. This stand still too was temporary as the stains were beginning to evolve.

Knowing that each day Ramya resided in the tower was another day closer to death, her witch mother requested help from an old friend. Here, Miss Castor was informed of the situation and journeyed with Xia to rescue Ramya.

It was then that a high level ink stain attacked the tower, leading to it's destruction. Thankfully, Ramya was safe but her witch mother was mortally wounded. Passing the girl's care onto Miss Castor, she bid her daughter farewell and closed her eyes one last time.

It was difficult getting Ramya back to Briar Patch. Stains kept attacking and she refused to leave her mother behind. Eventually, the trio arrive and did their best to try and help the girl readjust to her new home. When asked what would help her, Ramya requested her books as they were the last things she had of her witch mother.

Now aware of how important her books meant to her, worked out a plan with the three little pigs and got them to construct a specially made home for her. While Ramya stayed at the Inn, the pigs and Xia worked on gathering all the books from Ramya's old tower and moved them to her new house in secret. Eventually, when everything was completed, Ramya was finally allowed to see what the group had been working on and was surprised to see her house was actually a library.

Rather than keeping her books to herself, she decided to open her home to the public so that everyone can enjoy what she spent her years enjoying. Her collection continues to grow as anytime someone stumbles across a book blooper, they immediately take it to Ramya to add to the library.

Skills and Abilities

Ramya has a tremendously good memory and can remember 99.9% of the information given to her.


Lotus Locks allows Ramya to control her hair, making it extend or shaping it into weaponary. Due to it's high durabilty, it can also be used as temporary rope.

Ramya's eyelashes are enchanted and allow her tocry healing tears.


  • Even though Ramya has very good memory, she constantly forgets that sleep is important. A majority of the time, she'll keep reading and writing until she passes out. The longest she's stayed up was 120 hours before she finally dropped.