River Ankylos


A boy who enjoyed pulling pranks, only for one to backfire in the most horrible way. The poor guy now lives in a state of guilt with a manifestation of Märchen that mocks him for his past actions. He cries black which tends to freak people out.


River has a bad guilty conscience and constantly feels like a bad guy. He picks up on the slightest change in tone of other people's voices and tends to expect the worse. River constantly thinks he's a bother. It doesn't help that his Märchen degrades him any chance it gets. Looking at the more positive aspect, River can be a great friend and someone to confide in as he always is willing to help.


River used to be a little prankster. He would find joy in causing mischief no matter how big or small. Unfortunately, he ignored all the warnings that people gave him about one day needing help that would be ignored because of his behavior. And when the day came, he winded up regretting never listening. Overcome with guilt over the slaughter of the sheep he shepherded, the inky black amalgamation of his guilt began to follow him around, always lurking in his shadow in the mocking shape of the wolf who ruined his life.

Skills and Abilities

River can control his tears, both as a defense but also he can cry at will. I'd say the latter is more impressive.


Guilt is the walking manifestiation of River's guilt. It often takes the form of a black wolf and SOMETIMES listens to River in battle. It tends to have a mind of its own.


  • River's favorite animal are sheep.