Romeo Wickman


Pinokuni's ex-best friend. He's a bit bitter over their friendship falling apart...even though it was entirely his fault. He refuses to believe that though, convinced that Pinokuni is the one who screwed everything up via getting Bookmarked. When he isn't being a complete ass, he enjoys strumming a melody out on his lute.


Smug and sly, Romeo does what he wants how he wants. He isn't above using people and loves being the center of attention and the leader of the group. If he ain't calling the shots, he will act out on his own, refusing to follow someone else's directions. It's no surprise that his friend group is so small now.


When Romeo was born to a mother who wanted nothing to do with him and a father who left and never came back. Stuck with an unloving mother and near complete freedom to do what he wanted so long as he remained out of her sight, he'd simply act up on the streets.

On one such occasion he met a man that believed his negative energy would be well received by music and taught him how to play the lute. For a short period of time, his outburst stopped...until he was eventually dragged off to school by his mother-figuring if she was going to be stuck with him, he might as well get an education so he could get a job. Unfortunately, school is where he became a quick problem for teachers, behaving as the class jackass. Often he'd sneak his lute in and play it during lessons-turning teachings into a concert. This behavior made him a favorite for the students around him but a menace for faculty.

One day, while strumming his lute on a corner for pennies, he first encountered a specific wooden automaton. Small and innocent, he complimented his music, rambled awkwardly and quickly ushered himself along. Romeo didn't think much of it at first...until a new student joined the class. All the attention Romeo had had was swiped away by a puppet he came to learn was named Pinokuni. Bitter at the shift in "power", the first seeds of jealousy began to grow in his heart. Queue it up with seeing how a mere puppet had a more loving family than him, a boy made of flesh with a curse, Romeo decided a little corruption was to be had.

Over the years, he taught Pinokuni all there was to be a bad boy. Including all the wrong words to say and all the petty fights to pick. Eventually the duo got themselves into trouble in class. Pinokuni got off with a slap on the wrist but Romeo was kicked out. Expulsion didn't put a dent in his behavior and only intensified it, figuring it was just a sign school was a waste of time anyways. Outside of the school grounds, Romeo and his newfound little group went from pranks to petty crimes. No one got least in a way they couldn't walk away from but it was enough to make Pinokuni a bit more reluctant to participate. As mentioned prior, the puppet never got kicked out of school, only placed on temporary suspension. And during that time away from Romeo, he was able to reflect some more on his behavior.

This didn't make Romeo happy in the slightest. Feeling what he truly believed was betrayal, he decided to drop the training wheels and full on moved to peer pressure to get Pinokuni to do what he wanted. They were best friends after all and Romeo was his only friend. Which meant it was only right of Pinokuni to help Romeo when he wanted to send a message to the other boys that they were on his turf. Real friends act as distractions while their pals go and shop lift. And best buds never snitch on their friends, even if it means taking the fall for them while they leave you behind. Even if they put a lit cigarette out on you-or push you over when you're in the way.

None of these actions caused any guilt in Romeo since he had long since determined Pinokuni was just a wooden puppet. An automaton that only imitated human emotions and pain. Unlike the gang of other rowdy boys he made outside of school, Pinokuni would never be able to relate to how it was to be a human. He was merely a well made toy for Romeo to play with and toss aside when he and his pals were tired of playing for the day.

And thanks to Nevermore's intervention, Romeo knew that his suspicions about being friends with the puppet were correct. There, she informed him that his role had gone from a protagonist to a doomed side character and the potential fate that awaited him if he continued down this platonic path. Finally deciding to burn down some bridges, Rome decided to take Pinokuni out for a night on the town for one last time.

Skills and Abilities

Due to his asshole behavior and an unfortunate visit to Blissland, Romeo is cursed with donkey features. They aren't all bad as Romeo can hear things from much farther away. His tail also gives him an unorthodox level of balance. Lastly, his donkey-based cursed gives him increased stamina and leg strength-meaning he could kick you quick hard and quick a good distance out of his sight.

Romeo's Märchen enchanted lute. When he strums a tune on it, he can control his flames.


Envious Embers are green flames that Romeo can control, making them move any which way he pleases. The more emotion he feels, the stronger the flames get.

A megamove where Romeo releases a devastating torrent of flames devastating whatever is in it path.


  • Romeo is based off two fairy tales: The Little Donkey and Candlewick from The Adventures of Pinocchio.