Romeo Wickman


Pinokuni's ex-best friend. He's a bit bitter over their friendship falling apart...even though it was entirely his fault. He refuses to believe that though, convinced that Pinokuni is the one who screwed everything up via getting Bookmarked. When he isn't being a complete ass, he enjoys strumming a melody out on his lute.


Smug and sly, Romeo does what he wants how he wants. He isn't above using people and loves being the center of attention and the leader of the group. If he ain't calling the shots, he will act out on his own, refusing to follow someone else's directions. It's no surprise that his friend group is so small now.

Skills and Abilities

Due to his asshole behavior and an unfortunate visit to Blissland, Romeo is cursed with donkey features. They aren't all bad as Romeo can hear things from much farther away. His tail also gives him an unorthodox level of balance. Lastly, his donkey-based cursed gives him increased stamina and leg strength-meaning he could kick you quick hard and quick a good distance out of his sight.

Romeo's Märchen enchanted lute. When he strums a tune on it, he can control his flames.


Envious Embers are green flames that Romeo can control, making them move any which way he pleases. The more emotion he feels, the stronger the flames get.

A megamove where Romeo releases a devastating torrent of flames devastating whatever is in it path.


  • Romeo is based off two fairy tales: The Little Donkey and Candlewick from The Adventures of Pinocchio.