Sire Grimalkin


Toby's caretaker and teacher. Sire is a grumpy old man. He's a skilled swordsman who used to travel the land...until he met Toby. Now he spends his days trying to keep the boy alive. At times he feels like he's a babysitter and other times he feels like he's the master and Toby is his student. Either way, they're sorta stuck together.


It doesn't take much to irritate Sire and he's quick to leave a situation if he isn't interested in it. He can be harsh sometimes but underneathe all that matted fur is just a man who is sick of the cards he's been dealt. Once you've grown on him, he gets a little more nice.


Sire used to be a human, and a very good if not promiscuous swordsman. However, he was very cocky and never backed down from a challenge due to his long win streak. A streak that would soon be ended by a witch who made quick work of him.

Unfamiliar with defeat, Sire was quite the sore loser. Some harsh words were thrown and a spell was tossed in response. The results of said spell was Sire becoming a cat. The only way to lift it was if Sire remembered his own name.

Which is the ultimate irony for someone who claimed everyone would remember it. To make things even more difficult, he couldn't even ask anyone he's beaten because no one could understand his meowing.

After a good time of struggling, Sire eventually came across a kind soul who took time to listen to his frantic meows and panicking charades. This soul would later be revealed to be Toby's current caretaker. A man who was well acquainted with working his magic into clothing.

Eventually, Sire was gifted his own fancy little outfit that would help him become a bit easier to digest. Here, he could speak again and thanked Toby's father for all his help, even going so far as to offer anything he desired in return.

The only wish Toby's father had was for Sire to take care of his son when his time came. Sire accepted the offer, even though it was unusually vague.

Eventually, Sire came to learn what it truly meant when he got news of his passing from Toby who had come knocking on his door.

Skills and Abilities

Even though Sire is stuck as a cat, his swordsmanship is nothing to mess with. If anything, he has an easier time winning now that he's in such an easy to underestimate form.


Risky Whisker lets Sire summon a long shiny sword. Even though it's size makes him look comically small in comparison, he's deadly with the blade.


  • Sire strongly dislikes when people speak to him as though he were a pet cat and has been known to scratch in retaliation.