Toby Grimalkin


Sire's student and foster son. Toby is good friends with Miseria and River.


Toby struggles at being assertive and doesn't have the best view on himself. He doesn't like to be a bother to anyone and just wants to help. There are times he struggles with his words and stumbles through his sentences due to his nervousness.


Toby was raised by his uncle along with his 2 older cousins. Upon his family learning he was marked to become a fairytale, his cousins were filled with jealousy and took it out on him. He struggled a lot standing up against their teasing, especially since he was shorter than the both of them. That didn't mean he didn't try... it just means he often wasn't very successful. His uncle stepping in didn't do much to help as his cousins just moved on to bullying him when their dad wasn't looking or present.

Eventually, Toby's uncle sent him off to his aunt as he dealt with his older sons, apologizing and promising to make everything up to him in the future.

One day, Toby received a message to return home and was excited over the chance to reunite with his uncle. Sadly, the reunion was a final good by as his uncle had fallen deathly ill and desired to see him one last time. Toby soon learned what the apology gift he was promised was.

What Toby wasn't expecting was that this promise to be a talking cat. And unlike his cousins that were left with his uncle's business and estate, Toby was left under the care of Sire.

Skills and Abilities

Toby is a surprisingly lucky lad, avoiding near dangerous situations.


Black Cat causes Toby's hair to turn black and sprout cat ears and a tail. Alongside with these added features is heightened senses and agility.

9 Lives
Most bookmarked will die if a Märchen causes enough damage to them. In Toby's case, he can withstand 9 near death situations in total.


  • Toby is lactose intolerant.