Xia Yulan


The local friendly neighborhood knight in shining armor, Xia behaves as the peacekeeper and protector of the small village of Bridge.


Xia tends to have a smile on their face and a laid back attitude. They tend to give off a relaxing vibe to anyone around them. They greatly enjoy making others happy and often crack jokes. They often give off parental energy, watching over people and naturally protecting those that need help. Yulan has a need to take responsibility for other's safety and sometimes push themselves past their limits.


Even as a child, Xia had the habit of playing hero. Any bully in the neighborhood would meet a swift defeat from them. Things only escalate with the increase in stains attacking, especially with their chosen targets being bookmarked individuals. Never being one to stand for people picking on those too weak to defend themselves, Xia switched from targertting bullies to cleaning up stains.

Over the course of acting as a hero, Xia would eventually wind up running into an especially determined inkling whose sights were focused on a bookmarked it was pursuing. Acting as a distraction, Xia tried to buy the fable as much time as they could before the stain got the upper hand on them. Although they came out victorious in battle, they were left on the verge of death with only one eye.

Right as Grimfather was about to take their soul, Luna came down and offered Xia the chance to become bookmarked. Knowing their work was far from done, Xia took the offer and became the Knight in Shining Armor.

With their newfound power, they could help other bookmarked with ease. However, it also resulted in them pushing themselves more than necessary which caused some toll on their body.

A little further down the line, Xia winded up running into Miss Castor...well more specifically, Miss Castor stumbled across a drained and tired Xia. Finally hitting their limit, the witch took the knight in and helped nurse them back to health. Eventually, the enby learned being a solo hero is a quick way to meet an early grave and winded up sticking around to help be a sort of sheriff for Briar Patch. They learned that it was easier to keep bookmarked individuals safe if most of them were in a single concentrated spot.

Skills and Abilities

Xia is very skilled with a sword. Due to them potentially having the strongest Märchen only use their Märchen against ink monsters and hostile fables.

Scarred Eye
It blooms whenever their Märchen activates. It's also the eye they use for detecting other bookmarked.

Malt's Bell
Recieved from the moon. It's used to summon Malt Whey from the stars.


The Blooming Blade is a sword that Xia can summon. The more hope they feel from their fellow bookmarked, the stronger and sharper its blade is

Beacon Armor
A final form of sorts, Xia is decked out in nearly impenetrable armor. There's a limited amount of time they can wear the armor before reaching a breaking point.. Similar to their sword, the more hope they feel, the strong the armor is.

Knight in Shining Armor

A Knight in Shining Armor is a special kind of bookmark that is often one of the last assigned by the Sun and Moon. This means, unlike the other fables, people are not born already selected. It's only given to those deemed to have a good heart and strong will to help others.


  • Xia is one of the few characters who is turned into a fairytale instead of being assigned as one.
  • Thanks to being a Knight in Shining Armor, Xia can tell who is bookmarked and who isn't.
  • While they enjoy They/Them pronouns the most, they don't mind if people use other pronouns for them as they don't pay much attention to gender.
  • Their right eye is made of glass. They can and will take it out for fun. Most often they do it to mess with the goat kids, who think it's cool but also disgusting.