Yuki Shiro


Yuki resided in a distant kingdom ruled by an evil queen...well she wasn't necessarily evil at the time. She was just super vain. She was also her step-mother. The castle helpers gave her benefit of the doubt...although her constantly talking to a mirror did raise some concerns. Especially when they would hear it talking back. Every day, at midnight, she would ask "Who is the fairest in the land" aka, who is prettier than me in the kingdom.

Often, the answer would be her, but whenever the mirror stated someone else, she would send one of her henchmen to go make them disappear. The seven castle helpers became rather protective over Yuki, knowing that the only thing keeping her safe from the mirror's gaze was that she hadn't hit puberty yet. A plan was hatched ahead of time for when the dreadful day came.

Upon reaching 10 years of age, the helpers worked fast to transfer Yuki to a cabin they had been crafting in the woods outside of the kingdom. Of course, they didn't leave her to fend for herself and instead would sneak out to take care of her, leaving food and clothing as well as teaching her how to take care of herself in case they couldn't find a way to slip out the castle. Things were going great for a time and the mirror never said Yuki's name...until one day, she had stumbled into the boundaries of the kingdom and snuck into the castle to delivery thank you treats to the helpers.

Due to it being so late, she was allowed to sleep in the castle under the hopes the mirror would say someone else's name that night as the queen could only kill on person a day. Fortunately, another soul was chosen and Yuki was sent back to the cabin without a problem...or at least...that's what they had thought. What they didn't know was that the queen was well aware of their secret care taking. Spiteful about having her own castle operating in secret under her nose, she sent her favorite little owl, Strix, to take care of the young maiden in case she ever stepped foot inside the kingdom again.

For awhile, nothing happened, although tensions in the castle ran high. The helpers were forbidden from leaving, being placed under house arrest. They were unaware of how Yuki was or the state she was in, which was torture enough on their souls. Strix would trail Yuki's tracks, keeping tabs on her so the moment she over step, he would strike. At least, that was the plan until Yuki discovered him one day. Instead of being scare, she instead befriended him, finding Strix to be an end to her loneliness. Strix went along with this, figuring it'd be an easier way of keeping tabs on the young girl.

It was when Yuki turned 13 that she made the mistake of trying to visit her old friends again. Strix made no effort to stop her, and instead accompanied her to the castle. There was a reunion with the seven helpers and a feast was even held in her honor. Tears were shed by the seven out of joy and out of sorrow as they knew this was the last time they would see the young girl again.

Being sent off with an apple dessert made by the queen herself, Yuki was escorted home by Strix. As they began to walk through the forest, Yuki expressed her joy over being able to see her family again. Upon reaching home, she had planned on giving him a little trinket she had made as thanks for being her friend for so long. However, Strix told her she should have some dessert first. Yuki joked a bit with him before going and taking a bite out of the apple strudel given to her. The last thing she remembered was how sickeningly sweet it was before she blacked out and was transported to her book room.

When Yuki awoke, it was to the anguished cries of the seven. She was confused as to why they were so surprised by her awakening until someone explained.

When Strix returned to the castle, it was obvious what had been done when blood was seen on his clothing and a strange ornament back in his hands. The queen had finally lifted her ban on the helpers and they were allowed to go see Yuki with the announcement they had the weekend off so they could deal with funeral arrangements. Confused and concerned, the seven left, where they found Yuki laying in a blood stained bed with a gaping wound in her chest where her heart should have been. It was 5 minutes after they broke down into sobs when Yuki opened her eyes and began to go on about the dream she had about reaching into a book.

When it was determined her revival was due to her being bookmarked, the helpers were presented with a horrifying realization. If the mirror announced Yuki again, the queen would most likely have her tortured for the rest of her life. Not wanting to take a chance like last time, the group cleaned Yuki the best they could. It was during this time that Xia had stumbled upon the group during a journey from Briar Patch to investigate some strange disappearances. Although it was a lot to take in, they stated they could help and knew of a place Yuki would be safe in. Granted, she needed some immediate care as her body temperature was dropping.

Miss Castor was contacted and alerted of the change in plans and sent Pam, Pat, and Paz to create a temporary device that'd keep Xia going while she was being transported. Once everything was completed, the group said their final good-byes and Yuki was on her way to safety.

It took a solid two days to get Yuki to Briar Patch and a week to sort out a replacement device for a long term heart. A solution was found when Miss Castor figured out a way for the spell of The Pulse to be used on a prosthetic. Throughout the entire ordeal, Yuki drifted in and out of consciousness, occasionally cracking a joke or smile as to try and make people less scared. Sometimes, she'd state how cold she felt. While she was recovering, small letters written by the other people in Briar Patch were left with wishes of recovery. One in particular was from her family back home hoping she was doing well.

Eventually, Yuki was up and walking around like nothing had happened and she made fast work of making friends with everyone in Briar Patch. As for her step-mother and Strix, she has some very strong words for when she even runs into them again.


Yuki is a sweet and kind girl who looks past her current state and at the brighter side of life. She's willing to lend a helpful hand to those in need but holds a grudge if someone does her wrong. Whenever Strix is brought up in a conversation, she grows frustrated and immediately changes the topic.

Skills and Abilities

Yuki's greatest strength is managing to get on someone's good side. Before she battles, she is more likely to try to talk things out beforehand. She also knows basic self-defense.


Seven Arrows is a large bow where she can string up to 7 magic arrows at once.


  • Yuki strongly dislikes apples. It's a fusion of an allergy and pure hatred.
    • Ironically, this trait only affects her if she is aware something includes apples. If she consumes something without that knowledge, she is entirely fine.