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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. What is Beanstalked?

Beanstalked is a currently ongoing webcomic and story project that's basically my own twist on the fairy tale retelling genre.

Comicfury is the main home for the comic but it's also available on Tapastic and Webtoons. This comic is planned to be a comedy fantasy adventure that's rated 16+. This is because the story involves violence with some blood and sprinkles of gore, strong language, and possibly unsettling imagery.

Q. "Is there some sort of message to gain from this story or nah?"

I guess the main message of Beanstalked is basically “You’re in charge of your own fate and happiness.” Since everyone has been assigned a role, and accidentally have been pushed off the path of it, they’ve sort of been left to their own devices. There’s the potential of having to drop everything you now have because it’s not what you’re supposed to have.

The conflict arises when the thing you potentially have to drop makes you happier.

Q. "How long will Beanstalked be?"


Q. "How did Beanstalked come to be?"

Long story short-I always liked fairy tales as a kid and wanted to give it a spin myself. So I doodled the three little pigs one day all decked out in vests and goggles and felt pretty happy with myself. The only problem is that...well I didn't want to just have basic stock designs of fairy tales interacting together like the straight to home animated movies you see. That and I like having diversity in my stories. A majority of the classic and common fairy tales come from Europe and I was a little nervous. Especially since I didn't want to make any characters look too similar to Disney designs.

So I put the idea for the story on a back burner until like...I think around the beginning of highschool I started watching Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child and noticed how although the stories are told in different culture settings, you know what the fairy tale is with their own unique spins. Add along with me finding the three little pigs doodle again, I decided to give the story another try and here we are!

Long story longer: I really just wanted to tell a story entirely about fairy tales in a land of fairy tales that have to solve their own problems while also becoming self aware of their own lives. I didn't want to tell a story about fairy tales living in the modern world and I wasn't interested in a story about some kids transported to the fairy tale world and have to go on an adventure to get out.

Q."What's the point of Beanstalked? There's plenty of other stories with fairy tales crossovers."

The main point of Beanstalked is...for me to toss my cards into the fairy tale crossover genre because life is short and fables are fun.

Q."Why do you call Beanstalked characters OCs? Aren’t they just your designs of the original fairy tales?"

The only thing that's connecting them with the original fairy tales are occasionally their names and some points of their backstory. The main story of Beanstalked that a bunch of people had entire lives before being assigned a role from a fable. Pinokuni is an older brother, Nana is basically a werewolf, and Kai doesn’t even have a Beauty.

Q."Why are some tales of different races from the original source material? "

As for the latter half of that question, as stated numerous times before (because this is an important point I hope y’all are picking up on), these characters aren’t the originals so there’s a ton of variety to them and their designs. Hell-some characters aren’t even the same gender as the OG roles given to them.

Q."What fairy tale is [insert character here] bookmarked with?"

You can find what fable each Beanstalked character has been bookmarked with and what role they have on each of their character profiles.

Q."How many fairy tale characters are going to be in Beanstalked? And what are their Märchens?"

At the beginning of this whole idea, I decided to make it so that every character in Beanstalked is in some way or another based off or related to a fairy tale, myth, or other. So that itself is a trick question. That being said-it's going to be hard to just say straight out what all their powers are as I want some to be a mystery that, when you read the story, can go "Whoa!" when you see them in action.

That being said-I’ve definitely reached the cap to the characters that will appear in Beanstalked since I want to tell a story and that gets hella more difficult if you have a bazillion folks runnin’ around.

Q."Can you put in a character based off [insert character] from [insert fairy tale here]? / Why isn’t there a character based off [insert character] from [insert fairy tale here]"

No for the first question and for the second, these character’s backstories ain’t the same as the original tales. Which means the original character most likely is left out because they just don’t occur in the backstory. One such example is Kai and him lacking in having a Beauty.

Q."Can you put Disney references within the comic?"

I like not being sued.