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Automaton noun

A being often made from nonbiological matter that is bought to life using the "Pulse" marking. Most often have artifical souls but some are possessed by lost souls.

Blooper noun

Glitches in the boundary line between Lore's reality and Earth's. These glitches result in lost and forgotten items from Earth winding up in Lore. Often, these objects are older and referred to as vintage or throwbacks by us.

Bookmarked noun, adjective

A name for people who are fated to become fairy tales. A flexible word that can be used to describe or designate. There is debate over whether or not this is a good status or bad.

Celestial Bodies noun

The diety duo that watch over Lore, the Sun and the Moon. They are also referred to as Sol and Luna.

Fairy Tale noun

Commonly known as stories. This is also term used for the state of someone who has been Bookmarked.

Lore noun

The world that Beanstalked takes place in. It exists parallel to ours and thus shares some similarities and differences.

Lupine noun

A race of werewolf-like beings. Due to common misconceptions and the belief they are wolves in sheeps lcothing, they are feared by the masses and thus tend to stay to themselves and other magical beings.