One of the first races in Lore. They will adopt anything and anyone if they sense no parental presence in their life.


Fairies have been around for as long as magic has existed in the world. The Sun and Moon, believing there needing to be some way to keep order to magic in the world, created fairies from the by product of magic dust. They have seen many come and go due to their status as immortals.

They used to be less illusive and could be found everywhere. However, when the Sun and Moon began to add more life to Lore, fairies began to migrate to more secretive areas. The addition of humans made fairy sightings even more rare.

Early Human and Fairy Interactions
Fairies, being curious creature, were some of the first mythical beings to interact with humans. These interactions were smooth initially due to the ability for fairies to change their appearances. However, their early mischievous natures had gotten the best of them leading to many humans falling for what fairies believed to be harmless tricks.

Eventually, humans grew cautious. Trust began to crack and traps began to appear with the intent to capture fairies straying too close to human settlements. The discovery that fairies contained magic opened a can of worms as humanity began to dabble in the fantasy with intent to harness the element for themselves.

Smaller and more naïve fairies tend to fall for these fairy traps and winded up falling to humans that would kill them and collect the magic from their remains.

This lead to tensions worsening between the two races before finally, fairies turned from harmless pranking to more lethal trickery with intent to protect those that lacked the skills to.

Trust had finally broken between the two sides, leading to an age of paranoia and hostility. This lead to the common practice of fairies taking on a more mundane form before interacting with humans to see if they are friendly or not.

The Dawn of Fairy Tales
Upon bookmarked beings becoming more and more prevalent, fairies regain new interest in their more mundane other due to the newfound magic.

It was discovered that those were were bookmarked could detect fairies regardless of their disguises, leading to a new level of interaction the regular everyday man missed out on. Many bookmarked lacked the hostility their mundane others did due to their magic syncing with fairies. Upon discovering that a bookmarked acquiring their happy ending boosted the magic around them, thus adding more in the world, fairies tend to flock to individuals.

Still in hiding, fairies began to interact in secret with bookmarked beings and aid them through their story. This aid ranged from advice to more hands on methods. Eventually, it became a common practice for fairies to help bookmarked beings and the harmful myths and beliefs about them became less and less prominent.

The Rise of the Fairy Godparent
The weakening of tensions lead to the rise of a new career path for older fairies. Over the years, more and more bookmarked found themselves being outcasted due to their assigned roles in their tales attracting abnormal amounts of misfortune. Due to the normalization of fairies interacting with bookmarked, many decided to go the extra step and simply adopt the less fortunate.

Alongside this practice, the harmful stereotypes and false myths of fairies began to become less and less prominent. Fairy hunting became an ancient and outdated practice as more bookmarked grew up and taught their children about the helpful fairy they had met in their younger days.

To try and maintain this practice as well as monitor and keep it under control, the Council of Fairy Godmothers was created. This council is comprised of grand fairies that keep track of the current and past anthology of fairy tales to determine the best course for certain bookmarked.

Modern Day
Fairies remain illusive beings, stepping in only when they view it necessary. Some maintain grudges for their ancient fallen friends at the hands of hunters while others hope to mend the severed ties.

The Council of Fairy Godmothers continue to keep watch. The sudden betrayal of one of their eldest members, Nevermore, has hit them hard and they are currently doing their hardest to mend the damage.


Fairies tend to have some preferred form they take to observe an individual as they determine how to approach them.

Upon revealing their true forms, fairies can have any body type and appear as any age. The one constant is the set of wings they have on their back. Wings can vary from those of a bird to those of an insect.

A vast amount tend to have butterfly wings due to the intricate patterns they can decorate them with.

Being immortal, the longer the life lived by a fairy is, the stronger their magic is. The oldest a fairy is can be traced to how old Lore itself is. Many fairies are in their thousands age wise. Each age comes with a title,

  • 1-100 Years: Young
  • 100-1000 years: Young Adult
  • 1000-10,000 years: Adult
  • 10,000-100,000 years: Elder
  • 100,000+ years: Grand

While immortal, fairies are prone to lack of self esteem and iron. Long term exposure to iron can cause grave injuries that can only be cured with complex magic. And if they lose faith in their own magic, they can fall fatally ill and pass on.


Child Care
Older fairies will take care of newly born fairies so it’s very common to have one grown fairy being followed by like...5 little ones like a momma duck. While under care, they’re nurtured and taught magic and the way the world works as well as all the myths and fables.

Many fairies by nature have a habit of taking care of others due to their own upbringing which is why some take up watching over a fable.

The only downside is um...not every fairy is a good caretaker. Since it’s an endless cycle of babies popping up and fairies taking them under their wings, some are better suited than others. The older fairies are obviously better suited but because of the nurturing nature, young ones try. They def do their best but this is one of the biggest reasons fairies tend to have such a more whimsical view of the world.

Fairy Godmothers

Fairy Godparents are basically older fairies who are familiar with fairy tales that wind up taking a bookmarked individual under their wing to aid them on their journey to their happy ending. Not every bookmarked gets a fairy though as it tends to depend on the story someone has been given as well as how difficult of a journey they have ahead of them on their way to a happy ending.

In the end though, it truly depends on the fairy.

People in the past that have been bookmarked with Cinderella or The Adventures of Pinocchio always have a fairy godparent but people who have been bookmarked with Jack and the Beanstalk or Beauty and the Beast often don't.