The Land of Fairy Tales!

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Lore is a world that exists parallel to Earth. It mirrors a lot of our planet but has developed over the years into its own unique world. Dual rings surround Lore, which keeps hides it from our prying eyes as well as protects it from outerstellar forces like meteors and aliens.


Lore and Earth were once a singular planet eons ago, created by the Sun and Moon during their union. For years it existed in peace, with new occupants created by the Celestial gods to bring life to the planet. However, it began to get crowded very quickly with many of its occupants bumping heads. Sol and Luna, desperate for a way to bring back peace, decided on something a bit drastic. Sol grabbed the half that eventually would become Earth while Luna grabbed the half that would eventually become Lore and pulled. During the split, all that were magical were deemed to inhabit Lore while all that was mundane would inhabit Earth.

For years, this balance has remained, though the scales occasionally tip over due to some lasting effects from the split. One of such are Bloopers, a loophole btween Lore and Earth where certain items and even living things slip through both worlds.


Lore has 6 known coninents.

Upon "The Beginning"

It has a rather busy seaport since it does a lot of trading as well as traveling.

Floret "The Flower"

It has a few kingdoms and is mostly a peaceful mass of land.

Castella "The Castle"

It's the second largest landmass besides Corona. It is also second in the amount of kingdom. One of which is home to an evil queen.

Corona "The Crown"

It's the largest land mass and is home to the most of Lore's kingdoms. Due to such, it has many territorial conflicts among a select few greedykingdoms.

Spada "The Sword"

It watches Dracos in case any dragons leave the land and take flight in another direction. This is managed by a special system of horns constructed to imitate the sound of one of the loudest dragons encountered. Trade with Lacertas is, although beneficial, very paranoia causing because of the fact that there are rumors that dragon eggs are smuggled into the merchant ships.

Dracos "The Dragon"

It is completely inhabited by dragons and commonly under watch by Lacertas. Only a handful have had the guts to entered the land and a small amount have made it back out. The ocean around Dracus is home to many sea monsters making ocean travel to it dangerous and unpredictable coupled along with the largest waves on Lore.


Lore has 5 oceans

Delphinius"The Dolphin"

A rather calm sea.

Dorado "The Goldfish"

Just like Delphinius, it is calm. There are some legends about it having buried treasure deep beneath and is the cause for a lot of treasure hunting in the deep blue.

Vela "The Sail"

Its name is from the large amount of ships that pass through on a daily basis.

Volansa "The Flying Fish"

It is home to fishing of all sorts. There are even competitions to see who can reel in the most interesting catch.

Cetus "The Seamonster"

It's named due to how dangerous it is. There is a large amount of missing cases with ships that happen to get attacked by unknown sea monsters. It is common to be completely left out of maps altogether and ships even go out of their way to avoid it.