Humans born with magic in their veins. They have faced a good share of hardship due to this blessing.


It’s unknown how exactly witches came to be. What is known, is that one day a human was born with the same magic as a fairy and the world has never been the same sense. It’s widely believed that the Moon had given the gift of magic to a human with plans to bless them all.

The Early Days
Humans have unknowingly lived alongside witches for awhile. Initially, their abilities were viewed as acts of awe and wonder with many being asked for help due to their talents. But envy rose and eventually people began to turn against their witch brotheren.

The Rise of Fairy Tales
During the rising tensions, witches, like fairies, found themselves lured toward bookmarked individuals. Their inherited magic allowed them to see who was bookmarked and who were planned to be. Sadly, many viewed their predictions as curses and the tides began to shift more and more against fairies. Rumors were spread that witches ate bookmarked individuals to steal their magic, leading to many avoiding them all together.

While fairies still had some level of refuge with bookmarked, many found all ties severed.

The Witch Hunts
Witches began to be persecuted under the false belief of curses. Those that were found were either kicked out of towns or killed all together. During this time, the only allies witches could rely on were each other and fairies, who helped led them to secret areas where they would be safe from persecution.

However, some witches desired vengeance for the many wrongdoings against them, leading to actual curses on levels unseen before.

In the power struggle, many families were torn apart and scattered across the various regions of lore.

Modern Day
Witches remain in hiding, often sticking to their own covens. Those that live amongst their fellow humans keep their magic under wraps out of fear of potential repercussions.


Witches tend to look like the everyday average human. The only difference is that they are born with the ability to use magic.