Angel is the ill-fated Beloved who sacrificed her life so her team could defeat their arch nemesis and keep Decking safe. She is also Gabe, the Sapphire Gamer's sister.

After the Beloveds reformed, Petra took on the roll of their guardian angel, keeping them safe from danger and resurrecting them when they die in battle. Occasionally, she becomes visible as a ghostly visage which leads to some frightening sightings. It has even become a rumor that the Beloveds are haunted and people have claimed to see her in recordings involving them.


Angel behaves much like her namesake. She's kind and caring but also bit mischievous. Her humor has shifted to be a tad darker after her death.


Angel grew up alongside Sweetheart and Dear before the Beloveds were even thought of. She was around when there were only three people on the team. Eventually, three became seven, only to drop down to one after her death. In her final moments, she made a wish for her team to never suffer the same fate as her. This lead to quite the meeting with the Reaper who had some hard negotiations with the then 17 year old. Somehow, Angel came out with the ability to tug at the strings of fate and undo death for her team members, so long as they die when donning their costumes.

Skills and Abilities

Angel is able to exist on Earth, though her presence is more ghostly and harder to detect. She tends to linger around the Beloveds, helping them in subtle ways or sometimes just messing around with them. While she is fully capable of larger gestures like full on grabbing and throwing things, she prefers to keep a more light presence.

She makes an exception when it comes to messing with tech to communicate. She often interfers with the frequencies on devices like radios to speak, or sending unknown messages through cell phone. She often speaks in the Beloved's group chats.

Charmed Abilities

Every Beloved can fly, has super strength to some degree, and higher agility. Each Beloved channels a specific aspect of love to boost their magic and use their powers. They each have a unique weapon that can change into various forms.

Angel's designated love is Agape, Universal love, which she would channel by thinking about her friends and the bonds they had.

Her Blessing

Thanks to her, all active Beloveds have hyper healing and can be revived from the dead. There are limits to this ability however as it drains magic and energy. This blessing isn't active when they are in their civilian forms.


  • Petra is named after Saint Peter, who is believed to be guarding the Gates of Heaven. This is in reference to her guarding the Beloved's souls from passing on before they are ready.
  • The first message Petra sent in the Beloveds group chat after becoming a Guard Angel was "👻"