The most sensitive Beloved, Baby does her best and no one can fault her for it. She is harder on herself than even the meanest villain. She figures as long as she is on this world, she might as well rid it of evil.

When the feathered headphones come off, Tristan really ain't that much different. If anything, she is just more likely to be found bundled up in bed with her computer streaming one of her favorite anime.


Sensitive, anxiety ridden, timid, and constantly watching her own movements. Whenever the clouds clear up, she can be a little sarcastic and tells the occasional joke or two. Sometimes it's hard to tell when she is telling one though due to her rather monotone voice. She wears a smile often but it's usually forced as she read one that if you smile, eventually you start to feel happy.

One day it'll work.

One the battlefield, she can be erriely calm and calculated. She strikes fast and rapidly with little to no mercy.


Tristan was recruited to the Beloved team in high school. It added a bit more pep in her step due to making a noticeable difference.

And then the final battle happened and they lost Angel.

And then the storm clouds wouldn't leave her alone.

And then she left the team. But the clouds got darker.

Eventually she became a shut in, skipping out on attending college and sometimes skipping out on even getting out of bed. Her family pushed her to get some therapy to at least talk about her feelings and get some off her chest so she could at least walk a bit lighter. The outing made the clouds a bit lighter but they continued to hang. It wasn't until she vaguely brought up that she used to be part of a team that made her feel like she had a purpose where she was recommended reconnecting with her old teammates. This resulted in her gaining the courage and energy to talk to Amara and the gang for the first time in a year.

It was mainly a big text block of a paragraph where she basically trauma dumped but they all accepted her back into the gang with open arms.

She slowly eased herself back into the team, picking her blades back up to part the cloudy skies herself.

Skills and Abilities

Baby is surprisingly fast, flying and swinging her blades at a high enough speed to create a shockwave if she isn't careful.

Charmed Abilities

Every Beloved can fly, has super strength to some degree, and higher agility. Each Beloved channels a specific aspect of love to boost their magic and use their powers. They each have a unique weapon that can change into various forms.

Baby's designated love is Philautia, Self love, which she channels by thinking good things about herself...though she often winds up thinking about her favorite things since she struggles with self esteem.

Baby has the ability to heal through her tears. A tear drop from her on a wound will heal it right up...even though it might sting a little from the salt.

The Ba-Dump Blades
A blade crafted with Baby's own tears. The more love she feels, the sharper the blades. She can transform them into any bladed weapon she can think of, even from fiction. There's no limit to how long the blade can get.

Angel's Blessing

Thanks to the help of their fallen team mate, Angel, all active Beloveds have hyper healing and can be revived from the dead. There are limits to this ability however as it drains magic and energy. This blessing isn't active when they are in their civilian forms.


  • Tristan's name means "Sorrowful" and was chosen due to her sensitive personality.
  • Baby is lowkey a fangirl that keeps up with all the other teams, including those outside of Decking
  • Baby is in constant disbelief whenever she finds a Baby fan.