An ask first, punch after the first word sort of individual. Dear is commonly referred to as the most dangerous member of the Beloveds due to their brash personality and lack of restraint. However, this just means he's very good at stopping evil.

When he's not being the snot out of some poor villain, Val is one of Amara's closest friends. They often rely on each other to get through their college classes and sometimes even the day, giving each other advice on specific situations...tho Val's often sums up to "Punch it if you can."


Dear is very blunt and honest. They see no point to beating around the bush and can't stand sensitive people. Their biggest pet peeve is "Cocky weaklings" due to their strange desire for a good fight. So far only Redhot has come close.

Even though Dear is built different, they themselves are rather closed off, letting only a select few see their softer side. They struggle with certain emotions. Sweetheart tends to be the only one who knows about the deeper bits of them.


One of the first recruits to the Beloveds, Val and Amara had been childhood friends years earlier. They had met way back during preschool after Val winded up wetting himself and Amara stumbled across them paralyzed in their seat. Rather than tattling, Amara merely emptied out her sippy cup on him, forcing him to the office and to get a clothing changed.

Since then, Val became a sort of body guard, attacking any kid (and the occasional adult) for making Amara cry.

The two attended the same middle school and high school with the same "Fuck with her and you fuck with me" bond. However, around senior year, Val had begun to realize not only were they not a tomboy, they weren't a girl at all. He had begun to struggle with dealing with the label of "Magical Girl" and female pronouns. The rampant misunderstanding and mistreatment of them due to their newly discovered status didn't help. The dysphoria along with the loss of Angel culminated into their eventual departure from the group.

He had managed to keep his friendship with Amara, eventually coming out to her first about his newfound status. Of course, she was only upset that they thought she would be bothered with it. Eventually he told Tristan and Melissa, who also welcomed him with open arms.

Skills and Abilities

Dear has an impressive amount of strength and power thanks to his weapons being his fists.

Charmed Abilities

Every Beloved can fly, has super strength to some degree, and higher agility. Each Beloved channels a specific aspect of love to boost their magic and use their powers. They each have a unique weapon that can change into various forms.

Dear's designated love is Philia, Friendly love, which he channels by thinking about the other Beloveds. Often, he defaults to Sweetheart due to their long running friendship.

Dear has the ability to heal injuries through high fives. He simply needs to high five whoever is down to heal them right up. The only downside is that Dear tends to be a hard slapper, meaning one's hand stings a lot afterwards.

The Doki Doki Dukes
Brace knuckles with hearts for each finger so the love hits extra hard. The more love Dear feels, the more force to the impact. They can transform into large gauntlets to knock the tooth out of even the biggest baddie.

Angel's Blessing

Thanks to the help of their fallen team mate, Angel, all active Beloveds have hyper healing and can be revived from the dead. There are limits to this ability however as it drains magic and energy. This blessing isn't active when they are in their civilian forms.


  • Val's name is short for Valerie, meaning "Brave or Valiant". It was chosen due to his fierce personality.
  • Val attends Decking University under the pursuit of a Post-Production Degree.
  • Even though Val also goes by they/them pronouns, he has a strong preference towards he/him and masculine words to describe him.