Leader of Cherished and ex-member of the Beloveds. Delight prides herself upon being a heroic role model. She is quite the model as well, often appearing in ads and the occasional magazine cover. Overall, she is living her best life while being the best hero.

What the public doesn't see is Julia's grudge against her old team and the rather sour relationship she has with them all. It's unprofessional, she will admit, but she just can't help herself. Especially when it comes to dealing with Sweetheart, who she wrestles the #1 heroine spot with.


In the public, she is kind and gentle, encouraging and graceful. In private, she is catty, judgmental and a perfectionist. Put Sweetheart in the same room as her and she becomes bitter, nitpicking at whatever she pleases. When it comes to her team, she is strict but lenient on occasion.

What no one sees is how much Angel's loss truly hurt her, leading to this strange path of bitter hate and regret, wishing she could stop lashing out. But she finds blaming her old team for her death has been helpful for coping so she continues, even though deep down she still cares for them.


Joined the Beloved's during Highschool and claims it was all downhill from there. Left the second everyone came home from the final battle and left the group chat. She doesn't keep in contact with them and refuses to give any the time of day.

Skills and Abilities


Charmed Abilities


Defibrillating Drill
is a gun that is loaded with love...and high powered bullets. The more love Sweetheart feels, the stronger the bullets are. Its form can be changed to better suit the current situation.

Angel's Blessing

Thanks to the help of their fallen team mate, Angel, all active Beloveds have hyper healing and can be revived from the dead. There are limits to this ability however as it drains magic and energy. This blessing isn't active when they are in their civilian forms.

Delight is part of a particular loophole where, while she might not consider herself a Beloved anymore, Angel still does due to being able to see through her mean girl act. Therefore, upon her death, she too will be ressurected under the same rules as the Beloveds.


  • Julia's name was originally going to be Judith as a reference to Judas due to how she lowkey backstabs Sweetheart. However, it didn't really fit her vibes and thus, I chose "Julia" instead.
  • Julia is a well known model in Decking City and often appears on and in a lot of things. She is sometimes referred to as the "#1 Most Beautiful Hero".
  • Julia and Gabe are dating and their relationship is very public. Many refer to them as the "Heroic Sweethearts".
  • When Delight WAS a Beloved, her designated love was Pragma, Enduring Love.