A prideful and charming villain, Halite loves to take the power of music and turn it against his opponents. He tends to treat battles more like concerts, which leads to some rather confusing news broadcasts for people who have no context for what is happening.

When he isn't being a rock star, Halite is keeping the Flavor Four in check and making sure they're doing their studies on how to be humans. And when he isn't doing that, he's spending time with Honey and Bee.


Halite's villainous personality isn't even that villainous as he doesn't even act that evil to begin with. If anything, he behaves more like a celebrity in battle.

His true personality is much more humble as he behaves more like a mom to the rest of his team. He scolds and lectures them when they do something out of pocket and does his best to teach and mentor them.


Halite used to be Bitterbat's supervisor, giving him advice on things and talking him through decisions he'd have to make. Initially, he was a lot more heartless, using fact and logic over feeling but eventually, he noticed Bitterbat's struggle with his princely duties and personal wishes and began to lighten up.

Over time, Halite began to just tell Bitterbat to do as he wishes and he'd come up with clever cover stories for him to tell his father to save both their asses.

Halite was the one who helped the most with keeping Sourpuss alive and continues to help them as they adapt to the team's new life in Decking.

Skills and Abilities

Halite can transform into a serpentine siren whose music can push and pull the tides and bend people's wills. It could be argued that out of all the Flavor Four, he is the most dangerous as he could easily learn how to fully control others with his music. However, Halite prefers that his audience have freedom so if they enjoy his music, he at least knows it's genuine.

Kelp Keytar
A keytar that Halite can summon from the seafoam. He can send out strong soundwaves and enchanting music with it.

Monstrum Abilities

All Monstrums have an element tied to them that shapes the magic they use. Halite's is solitude.

Siren Song
Halite can sing or strum a melody that can make anyone who listens do whatever he desires. This could range from a simple request to their own demise.

Monster Forms

  • Mini Monster: A pocket-sized monster form Monstrums can take. It's usually used for quick escapes in battle but the Flavor Four have repurposed it to have some fluffy times with their Beloveds.
  • Brutalbeast: A "medium" sized form. Similar to the mini monster, Halite can shift into this form by free will. Due to having half the body of a fish, Halite tries to only take this form in or near water for easier mobility.


  • Halite's name comes from the mineral that's salt.
  • Halite is the mom friend of the Flavor Four and thus is in charge of their finances, having them share linked bank accounts. Of course, he is the one making the most dough to keep them stable due to his focus having shifted from evil to becoming a musician.
  • Halite is more of an influencer and mainly does the pr for the Beloveds AND the Flavor Four when they become a hero team.