The sweetest member of the Beloveds. Honey is the team mom both literally and metaphorically. She makes sure her team mates don't take too hard a hit and get back up if they get knocked down.

Melissa isn't too different from how she is when she is defending the city. She makes sure her friends and family are well and takes care of whatever is troubling them.


Motherly, responsible, optimistic, and protective. Melissa is very trusting, seeing the good in most people.


Melissa joined the Beloveds during high school. During this time, she was dating a boy she had fallen in love with. She soon discovered she was pregnant and happily broke the news to him, believing he'd be overjoyed after.only for him to run out the first opening her could. Rather than be hung up on the lost, Melissa focused on her growing child and ended up leaving the team soon after the final battle. She reminded in close contact with her disbanded team during this time, never being the one to like ghosting.

Each of the Beloveds, excluding Delight, aided in raising her son with Amara lending her hand the most.

Due to this, Amara is well recognized by her son, nicknamed "Bee". This has resulted in her becoming his god mother.

Skills and Abilities

Honey is very resilient and can take quite the bunch without budging.

Charmed Abilities

Every Beloved can fly, has super strength to some degree, and higher agility. Each Beloved channels a specific aspect of love to boost their magic and use their powers. They each have a unique weapon that can change into various forms.

Honey's designated love is Storge, Familial love, which she channels by thinking about her son, Bee.

Honey has the ability to heal injuries through hugs. Everyone agrees that when it comes to which teammate they'd like to be healed by, Honey is #1 with Sweetheart coming in a close second.

Heartbeat Hammer
A golden honey dipper headed hammer that can break even the hardest of surfaces. The more love she feels, the harder the force behind the swing. She can change it's size at will, shrinking it down to make it a humble handheld hammer for herself or expanding it into a massive mega mallet.

Angel's Blessing

Thanks to the help of their fallen team mate, Angel, all active Beloveds have hyper healing and can be revived from the dead. There are limits to this ability however as it drains magic and energy. This blessing isn't active when they are in their civilian forms.


  • Melissa's name means "Honeybee" which was chosen due to her ongoing bee themes
    • Her name being "Honey"
    • Her son being nicknamed and often beeing dressed as a "Bee"
    • Her behaving as a sort of queen bee managing a hive...aka the Beloveds
  • Melissa is the only living Beloved member with an entirely positive relationship with her parent. Her father is supportive and helps take care of Bee when she is busy.