The Beloved's magical mascot and Sweetheart's current caretaker. She was the one who gave them all their powers and continues to guide them through their use even with them being adults now. Knowing each of their rocky relations with their families, she has taken it upon herself to watch watch over them even when they aren't being the defenders of love. She fully understands the dangers of having children fight evil and did her best to keep the Beloveds from biting off more than they could chew.


A second mother to all the Beloveds (and the Flavor Four to some extent). Unlike many other mascots, Lovely seems much more mature and logical.


Not much is known about who she was or where she came from.

Skills and Abilities

Lovely is incredibly durable.

Mascot Abilities

Lovely can bless people with the ability to become a charmed due to being made of magic. However, the more she blesses, the weaker she becomes herself as her supply isn't endless. Her limit is six people.

Human Disguise
Lovely can create a magical hologram around herself that gives her the illusion of a human appearance. She used to use this ability frequently when the Beloveds were younger.


  • Lovely is themed after the concept of a "Lovebird"