Bitterbat's second in command. He has both the brains and the brawn, making him a dangerous opponent in battle. His control over fire and skills in hand to hand combat boost the level of danger when he is on the scene.

When he isn't putting on the villainous act, he's making sure the rest of the Flavor Four are well fed and protected.


A bit introverted, Red-hot speaks mainly when it's important but also to call someone out on their bull. It takes a bit to piss him off but it doesn't take much to annoy him. He loves a good fight and becomes a bit over enthusiastic when excited, which leads to a lot of property damage. Thus is why he tries to stay relatively cool headed.


Back when Lord Vile was still around, Red-hot behaved as a sort of body guard for Bitterbat. If anyone was a danger to him, the bull monstrum would make sure they weren't a problem in the future. He tend to put strength and power above all else during this time period.

However, Bitterbat began to shift his mindset after his encounter with Sweetheart. As the team began to become more self aware, Red-hot began to wonder what really makes someone strong. After his first fight with Dear, he realized it was the power to protect those closest to him.

Skills and Abilities

Being a Monstrum, Red-hot can transform into a massive minotaur-like monster. He also has the power to control fire, allowing him to turn the battlefield into a living hell for anyone he's up against. Unlike the other Flavor Four, Red-hot doesn't really use a weapon and prefers to fight using his bare fists which works as his skin is burning hot to the touch.

Chains that are wrapped around his body that he can control and wrap around his opponents. They are boiling hot to the touch, making whoever gets caught in their grasp live through hell until they are released.

Monstrum Abilities

All Monstrums have an element tied to them that shapes the magic they use. Red-hot's is pain.

Lava Labyrinth
A maze with walls made of flames, he often leaves his opponent lost in it's structure where the heat overcomes them and leaves them a drained heap.

Monster Forms

  • Mini Monster: A pocket-sized monster form Monstrums can take. It's usually used for quick escapes in battle but the Flavor Four have repurposed it to have some fluffy times with their Beloveds.
  • Boilingbeast: A "medium" sized form. Similar to the mini monster, Red-hot can shift into this form by free will. It noticably raises the temperature of his surroundings and leaves hoof-shaped scortchmarks in his wake.


  • Red-hot is a great cook and is often the one who makes meals for the Flavor Four. Sometimes he also makes meals for the Beloveds as all but Honet have terrible eating habits.
  • His body seems to naturally cool down whenever and wherever Dear touches him. He doesn't seem to have any control over this and believes it might be mate instincts although he hasn't given Dear a soul suit yet.