The most unpredictable member of the Flavor Four. Sourpuss has a major sweet tooth but will consume just about anything that is placed in front of them, including opponents. The rest of the team tend to treat them like a younger sibling due to their small size and obliviousness to much of the world even though they are all in the same age group.

When they aren't being a menace to society, they are at home cuddled up next to the tv or shadowing Baby.


Optimistic, friendly, and easily excitable. Sourpuss tends to view things through a simple colorful lens and struggles with large words. However, they hate being babied or patronized and won't hesitate to make it known if you're doing something they dislike. They learned much of their mannerisms growing up from Bitterbat so they tend to mimic his behavior at times.


Sourpuss was deemed the runt of their litter and was initially left to die by their family. Bitterbat found them on the verge of death and took them home with him to the castle where they became quick friends. However, Lord Vile despised their bond and was fully prepared to kill Sourpuss, deeming them too weak to be of any use to his plans. Working fast, Bitterbat came up with an excuse to keep them alive, explaining how Sourpuss could be trained into the perfect monster and with enough time, a living weapon.

Lord Vile wasn't convinced but figured Sourpuss would probably die in battle anyways and allowed Bitterbat, Redhot, and Halite to train Sourpuss just for their own enrichment.

Sourpuss, touched by the kindness of a set of strangers, didn't want to disappoint their only friends and upon being unleashed in a test battle in the coliseum, left a complete bloodbath in their wake.

They continued to be an overachiever out of the looming fear that any failure will be met with abandonment. It took the many encounters with the Beloveds and Bitterbat's own redemption for Sourpuss to somewhat get over this paranoia but it still rears it's ugly head in present day.

Skills and Abilities

All Sourpuss is an abnormality with Monstrums as, even though they aren't alpha status, their monster form is huge. In this semi-sphinx state, they could swallow a grown man whole. Due to being classified as a living weapon, Sourpuss wields nothing save for their own massive claws.

Monstrum Abilities

All Monstrums have an element tied to them that shapes the magic they use. Sourpuss's is surprise.

Sourpuss has the uncanny ability to copy any sound they hear. This ranges from people and animals to objects.

Monster Forms

  • Mini Monster: A pocket-sized monster form Monstrums can take. It's usually used for quick escapes in battle but the Flavor Four have repurposed it to have some fluffy times with their Beloveds.
  • Brutalbeast: A "medium" sized form. Similar to the mini monster, Sourpuss can shift into this form by free will. It is noticably less stable than other Monstrum's as their limbs continiously shift and morph.


  • Sourpuss loves candy and tends to hoard whatever sweet treats they find. Their room is filled with candy and they frequently have little hiding spots so they can save pieces for later. They even have hiding spots in places they visit frequently like Sweetheart's apartment or Baby's bedroom. Expiration dates don't mean anything to them either. They've been known to eat decade old candy.