Commonly referred to as Decking City's #1 hero, Sweetheart is the face of love and peace and leader of the nearly reunited Beloveds. Whenever there is chaos amidst, she is always on the scene to stop evil. Especially when that evil comes in the form of her arch enemy, Bitterbat.

In reality, Amara is certainly one of the top 10 defenders of justice (though many choose to keep her in the lead spot) and is weathered from past battles. Only her teammates and her boyfriend see the real side of her. Specifically her boyfriend Ace, who is also her arch enemy, Bitterbat.


Kind, humble, strategic, and logical but stubborn and hard on herself. Sweetheart loves to leave people feeling happy and safe. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and loves interacting with other heroes. However, Sweetheart is a phenomenal actor when she has to play the part of a responsible defender of justice. She genuinely does enjoy fighting evil but at the same time, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend...who perpetrates evil itself.

Ever since the passing of Angel, Sweetheart has always felt responsible for her death and struggles not blaming herself. Her taboo relationship with Bitterbat is another source of guilt for her as she knows that it's wrong. Due to these sources of stress, she is prone to anxiety. Occasionally it gets so bad that Sweetheart imagines people saying or doing things they never did in the first place.


Amara became a magical girl way back in middle school, which is why her skill level is so high. In high school is when she recruited much of the other Beloveds. Senior year was when the final battle between the Beloveds and Lord Vile occurred, leading to the sacrifice of Angel. The results of victory was peace returning to Decking but the loss of Angel led to the eventual disbanding of the Beloveds.

During this two year period of Sweetheart going solo, she winded up reuniting with Bitterbat who always harbored a fondness of her. After a spontaneous one night stand, the two winded up giving dating a shot and have been together ever since.

Eventually, Sweetheart rebuilt the Beloveds through Dear, Baby, and Honey returning to the team after deciding it was best to fight together instead of watching on the sidelines.

Nowadays, Sweetheart juggles her secret relationship with Bitterbat along with her job as the #1 hero of Decking City.

Skills and Abilities

Sweetheart has impeccable aim due to her long career as a magical girl whose main weapon are guns.

Soul Suit
A marking shared by Bitterbat that symbolizes his love for her. It's an official sign of them being mates and allows them to sense the other's emotions. Due to Bitterbat being an Alpha Monstrum, his soul suit comes with the added effect of all lower ranking monsters becoming subjects to Sweetheart, often bowing to her and listening to her orders.

Charmed Abilities

Every Beloved can fly, has super strength to some degree, and higher agility. Each Beloved channels a specific aspect of love to boost their magic and use their powers. They each have a unique weapon that can change into various forms.

Sweetheart's designated love is Eros, Passionate love, which she channels by thinking about Bitterbat. However, sometimes she overthinks, causing her to overshoot her power gauge and lowkey become atomic, leveling a block or two if she isn't careful.

Sweetheart has the ability to heal injuries through kisses. For allies and friends, she tends to simply kiss her hand and place it on their injury, which heals things right up. For Bitterbat, he gets the special treat of a kiss on the lips.

The Pitter Patter Pistol
A gun that is loaded with love...and high powered bullets. The more love Sweetheart feels, the stronger the bullets are. Its form can be changed to better suit the current situation.

Angel's Blessing

Thanks to the help of their fallen team mate, Angel, all active Beloveds have hyper healing and can be revived from the dead. There are limits to this ability however as it drains magic and energy. This blessing isn't active when they are in their civilian forms.


  • Amara's name comes from the Latin word "to love". It also can mean "bitter" in Italian as a reference to her close ties to Bitterbat.
  • Amara attends Decking University under the pursuit of a Post-Production Degree.
  • Sweetheart had a "Mei Notebook" moment with Bitterbat when they first met to cope with crushing on a villain. Shes kept adding stuff to it like doodles, fanfics, notes, etc. about Bitterbat. She still has it and used to keep it updated until Bitterbat eventually returned.
    • Bitterbat has found the book and keeps finding it everytime Sweetheart tries to hide it. It's some of his favorite reading.
  • Sweetheart isn't on the best of terms with her parents and lives alone in a small apartment.
    • She ain't a fan of visiting them as they don't take her being a magical girl very seriously and keep asking why she doesn't become a more serious and less childish hero like some other members of her family.
    • They also make unnecessary side comments about her body hair and being unlady like and she rather avoid it all and just stay home in Decking City. She doesn't talk to them often but they do know about her being a magical girl.