The monsterous inhabitants of the shadow dimension of Umbra.


Since the beginning of Umbra, Monstrum have existed, constantly adapting to the everchanging world.


All Monstrum are able to wield an power they refer to as magic. This magic takes the form of many different earthly (and sometimes unearthly) elements. While most Monstrum tend to wield the same amount, only differing in their own knowledge of how to use it, certain Monstrums have more power inside them than others. These Monstrum are referred to as "Alphas". Alphas are often placed in leadership positions due to their astounding abilities and higher capabilities of protecting others.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are Monstrum with a weaker grasp of magic. These Monstrum often struggle transforming in some way, often carrying their more monstrous traits even in their default forms.

Regardless of how much magic a Monstrum has, their bodies are prone to building up energy. Excess energy expels through a Monstrum's belly button in a process invisible to the naked eye. However, this process can be hindered if the belly button is covered up. So much so that prolonged covering can lead to the Monstrum eventually exploding

To remedy this, all Monstrum wear midriff exposing outfits to avoid becoming stains.

Transformations aren't painful and happen within seconds. Monstrums usually have two forms they can transform into with an additional bonus one if they are Alphas.

  • Minimonster: A pocket-sized monster form Monstrums can take. It's usually used for quick escapes in battle
  • Beast Form: A medium sized form where the Monstrum's monstrous traits come out the most. The size of this form can vary tremendously.
  • [Alpha Only]Kaiju: A massive form that is capable of looming over cities.

Soul Suits
all Monstrums wind up getting their soul suit after turning 18. It’s kinda like a marking of adulthood. The symbols are commonly the same as those found on a deck of cards: Heart, Spade, Diamond, and Clover. However, a Monstrum can wind up with the very rare symbol of a Star. All Soul Suits are located on a Monstrum's chest. Each symbol is filled with an intricate pattern, meaning no two markings are the same even if they are the same symbol. It is widely believed they are the equivalent of a human fingerprint.

Heat Cycles
Once a month for a week, all Monstrum go through a rut. During this time period, they tend to show off to their suit mate/potential suit mate more. This means they often stay in their monstrous form much more than their default for a week.

Regardless of gender, all Monstrum are capable of carrying children due to their ability to shift their internal organs to better fit their needs.


Originally, Monstrum were a very united race of beings. There was no need to compete for food or territory as everyone lived together in some sort of harmony. While there were battles, they often were for fun and meant as a celebration of strength.

During Lord Vile's reign, many were conditioned to believe in "Survival of the Fittest". Those that were weaker were meant to obey the stronger or die disobedient. While this teaching is newer than traditional mindsets, many Monstrum are divided.


Monstrums like to show off to their present/future soul mates as a way to let them know how cool and strong they are and one of the things at the top of the lists to show off is how sharp your chomps are.

There’s numerous others ways of impressing their soul mates, like showing off their monster forms, presenting their abilities, and the classic “Hey I challenged this dude to a fight, wanna watch me kick his ass?”

For monstrums, sharing a Soul Suit means all parties involved can read each other’s feelings. Which can range from joy and sadness to “I’m hungry” and “I’M HURT HELP ME PLEASE”.

Although sharing a Soul Suit is important, they can easily be removed without much pain to either for the emotional pain.

Sexual Relationships
Monstrums are more instinct based and aren’t as prudish as humans so when it comes to sex. Due to this, it's common for intercourse to be one of the ultimate expressions of romantic love to the point it's more widely referred to as "lovemaking" in Umbra.

Monstrums often regard Lovemaking as THE thing to do if you are in love with someone to express just how much you love them. It is placed on the same level as marriage if not higher.

Monstrum weddings typically taking place with both parties in their monster forms. In the case of an Alpha getting married, they take their third form.

Child Care
Monstrum are very protective over their little ones and won't hesitate to kill anyone who threatens them. This is because during the early years, Monstrum have a low level of magic in their body. This means that up intil puberty, Monstrum children lack much of the skuill necessary to use defensive magic spells save for teleportation. Upon puberty, more magic is generated by their body, allowing a wider set of spells to be learned. Until a Monstrum reaches 18, midriffs can safely remain covered.