The Rockyverse

I have more than just three but these are the only ones where I have webcomics focusing on them. And seeing as I am also still learning neocities, I think I'mma keep my list small 'til I get a hold of coding. Each logo is a link that leads to its story world which has more in depth stuff like characters, lore, and artwork.

Beanstalked is the oldest story I am working on right now about a farm boy named Jack who lives in a world parallel to ours called Lore. In this world, every 100 years, the Sun and Moon assign people roles from fairy tales from our world and Jack is part of this current generation with the assigned role of Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk.

Everything is fine and dandy...until an evil ink fairy decides she's going to ruin everyone's stories which escalates to everyone having to scramble around to avoid getting erased. Along the way, characters run into the struggle of deciding if their happy endings are worth the sacrifice compared to the happy lives they've made for themselves while off the story paths assigned to them.

❧You can read Beanstalked on Comicfury

Glitter and Guilt is about Sweetheart, a 20 something magical girl in college, who is dealing with working solo as a hero while coping with the guilt of her team breaking apart during high school after the death of their team member, Angel. Life has been super stressful as the landscape around being a hero has shifted until one day, her old arch nemesis and secret childhood friend and crush, Bitterbat, returns after years of being separated from her due to a barrier placed between their dimensions.

After a heartfelt reunion that escalates to a one night stand, the two wind up picking up their relationship and dating in secret.

A vast majority of Glitter and Guilt follows Sweetheart and Bitterbat's relationship as it develops and the shenanigans that revolve around it in a world where there are rules and regulations for being a hero with one of the biggest being no intermingling with villains.

❥You can read Glitter and Guilt on Comicfury

Bondwidth is about a human and meowling hybrid (aka a catgirl) and her ongoing struggle to live in a futuristic world that only sees her as a cute face for hire. Granted, she works as a mascot by her own free will but off the job, no one takes her seriously.

Until one day she runs into the most dangerous hit for hire, Pluto, who not only takes her seriously but quickly becomes smitten.

Both having different elements of pasts they'd love to forget, the two develop an interesting friends with benefits relationship that winds up sprouting into genuine healing love for each other.

Bondwidth is still a work in progress but I draw and write about Pluto and Nova frequently enough that I am confident there will be a link here eventually.