The Rockyverse

I have more than just three but these are the big three my brain is often focusing on. And seeing as I am also still learning neocities, I think I'mma keep my list small 'til I get a hold of coding. Each logo is a link that leads to its story world which has more in depth stuff like characters, lore, and artwork.

Beanstalked is about a farm boy named Jack who lives in a world where every 100 years, the Sun and Moon assign people roles from fairy tales. Everything is fine and dandy...until an evil ink fairy decides she's going to ruin everyone's stories because she's bored.

❧You can read Beanstalked on Comicfury

Glitter and Guilt is about Sweetheart, a 20 something magical girl in college and her villainous monster boyfriend from another dimension, Bitterbat. They both juggle their opposing jobs as hero and villain while also dating in secret.

⚠Please be aware that this story is intended for an adult audience and contains graphic violence and sexual themes.⚠

❥You can read Glitter and Guilt on Comicfury

Bondwidth is about the developing relationship between a catgirl, Nova, and a cyborg, Pluto, as they work on recovering from painful pasts.

Bondwidth is still a work in progress but I draw and write about Pluto and Nova frequently enough that I am confident there will be a link here eventually.