About Me

I don't really like talking about myself much as my OCs are 1000x more interesting so you get this short af little sidebar. Hopefully this satisfies the curious and the nosy:


  • Black
  • Bi
  • Nonbinary
  • A February baby in my 20s


  • Stop motion (Rankin/Bass, Laika, etc.)
  • Shipping my OCs together
  • Webcomics


  • Killjoys
  • Milk (It's not why I'm short I'll fight you I swear to god)
  • When people act like they know my OCs and stories better than me

Got a question for me?

So long as you read my FAQ, and the question isn't too uncomfortable, innappropriate or rude, I'm always up to answering questions over on Tumblr at rockybloo.

Welcome to The Rockyverse!

This whole site is a big juicy work in progress so please be patient.

The purpose of this place is to make it easier for people to navigate all my OC stuff instead of having them click a bunch of links. I do plan on expanding from just OC rambles and including me rambling about my favorite things like movies and games. The plan is to basically use this website as my own little corner of the web without having to worry about social media and numbers.

❤Ship Menu❤


Most if not all of my stories are meant to be fun peeks into the life of the fictional characters that reside in my head. That being said, they do deal with mature themes including but not limited to:

  • Strong language.
  • Blood and violence with the occasional gore.
  • Sexual themes as most of my OCs are grown adults and DO get busy with each other.
  • And straight up death and ressurection as I like to kill some characters and bring 'em back. I think it's fun.

⚠If any of this is bothers you, please turn back now.⚠

Site Updates

6/22/23: Homepage got a wee bit of a makeover thanks to me finally getting off my lazy butt and trying to code from scratch. The bad news is that my stories page of my site is gone now. The GOOD news is that I deleted it myself because I now have a neat new little menu for selecting whichever one of my stories one feels like looking at. Only Beanstalked, Glitter and Guilt, and Bondwidth have pages for themselves right now. Anvil Wings, Bride of Bats, and Sharks and Kisses will get their own little pages eventually...man I sure do like making more work for myself.

5/31/23: Gave all the current Big Bads of Beanstalked character pages.

4/17/23: FINALLY added the homepage to Bondwidth.

4/13/23: Added fullbody pics to the Fabled Five and Briar Patch Crew pages.

12/29/22: Started on the Glitter and Guilt webportal and got the Beloveds and Flavor Four up and going on there own little wikipages.

12/23/22: Finished up the Fabled Five and Briar Patch crew's character profiles and added Bookmarked, Fairies, Lupines, and Dragons to the Lore world page.

11/12/22: Got the main landing page roughly laid out along with a link to the beginnings of what will be the homepage for the world fo Beanstalked. Planning on trying to get the Fabled Five up at least before thinking of tackling Glitter and Guilt's homepage.

11/9/22: I made a site...it's very rough and mostly me editing a template but hey it's a start