Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. What programs do you use?

I use a lowkey glitchy Huion Kamvas 13 and Clip Studio Paint Ex (it lets me sort through comic pages way easier).

Q. Do you take commissions? Requests? Art Trades?

I don’t do commissions anymore, I don't take any requests (including people asking me to make a specific OC, draw more of a specific OC, or draw more of a specific story), and art trades are friends and mutuals only.

Q. Do you have any boundaries?

I only ask people don't head canon major things like sexualities unless I previously state them. While it's cool that people might relate to a character and how they may interact with others and might crack a joke or two, I'd rather avoid having people trying to hold me to a canon of theirs or getting upset that I might change a dynamic.

I also ask that, unless a character is single, if I have an OC in a relationship with another like Red Beans, Licorice, or Blackberries, do not to ship them with another character. For example, I ask that Jack and Nana remain together and not shipped with another character like Pinokuni or Charming.

While I understand these boundaries may bum some others out and there are series that have all sorts of head canons and shipping, I must remind people that I'm not a studio or a team and am just a hobbyist storyteller. I enjoy sharing stories about things, some of which are personal to me.

Q. Are you ok with fanart and if so, what kind?

I LOVE FANART! Fan fics, fan songs, even inbox messages of people saying a specific thing reminds them of an OC of my makes me happy.

I’m also okay with people having their own OCs interact with my own so long as it stays platonic. Husky is an exception to this rule, however. I only ask that you keep my OC couples (Red Beans, Licorice, Blackberries, etc.) together.

Q. How many OCs do you really have in total?

TBH way more than toyhouse has listed but not all of them are super active. The ones that are the most active are the Beanstalked, Bondwidth, and Glitter and Guilt crew.

Q. What sexual orientation is (insert OC here)?

All my OCs are Bi or Pan as I am a Bi disaster that desires for my own food.

  • I like writing them flexibly and from my own experiences so I myself can focus more on their adventures and dynamics
  • AND I struggle taking the unique experiences of every OC that live in a fictional and fantastical version of our universe and applying labels to them as someone who truly struggles with their own in OUR universe.

I just know for certain I am Bi and Nonbinary so I have a lotta both in my line-up as prefer writing from experience. An experience where I tend to have to squint just to acknowledge gender because an enby be forgetting sometimes.

If you want a more specific answer, ask me for a specific OC and I can give a run-down about them, their experiences, and their preferences.

Q. Do you have any Neurodivergent OCs?

Similar answer to the above question. Ask me for a specific OC and I will give a run-down. Chances are, many are open to interpretation as I just be writing them and giving them the same quirky behaviors as me…and lord knows whatever I am.