Ben Claus


Maple's brother. He has the nickname "Big Ben" due to his size. He is a fan of giving out bear hugs and dislikes when people flee in terror from him.


Ben is just a big ole' teddy bear. He's more of a pacifist but will fight when it's necessary.

Skills and Abilities

Ben looks identical to a regular bear save for the fact he is capable of maneuvering himself in aways others cannot. He is also able to speak which sets him apart.


Too Small, Too Tall allows Ben to change his form and shrink it into that of a teddy bear of grow into that of a ginormous towering grizzly.

Maple and Bean fuse together to become a large bearlike beast.


  • Ben actually has a rather long tail for a bear. He often uses it for fishing, noting that fish have a strange attraction to it.