Maple Claus


Maple is the adopted human sister of Big Ben. She's part of the welcoming committee for Bridge. Business is a bit scarce though. She is also Amelia's girlfriend and pun ranker.


Maple is very warm in personality and loves to make people feel welcome. It's rare for someone to make her genuinely angry. That being said, it's very easy to hurt her feelings due to her kind nature. She's very trusting and tries to see the best in people. However, once you lose her trust, it's very hard to earn it back.


Maple up with a normal human mom and dad in a forest. Her parents tend to grow their own food and hunt for their own meat. Whenever they left for a hunt, they'd always return. However, one hunting trip with south when they stumbled across an inky black bear in the woods

Maple was left alone in a cabin by herself. Eventually, starvation became a problem and she ventured out to find her parents and some food. What she ended up finding was a large ink stain who chased her through the woods. Through sheer luck, she had found a way to lose and as well as stumbling across a nice little home in the woods. Slipping inside, she planned on simply staying til the stain was gone but winded up getting side tracked, having discovered some freshly made porridge and a nice comfortable bed to rest in.

During her name, Ben and his family had returned from their outing and discovered Maple sound asleep in Ben's bed. Right as they went to give her a nudge, she awoke and immediately started screaming. Everyone scrambled to calm her down, especially when she began to run around the room for an exit. Thankfully, Ben's mother caught her in one of her bear hugs and settled her down enough to talk. After calming down, Maple introduced herself and explain her predicament. Ben's parents, taking pity on the girl, told her she could stay with them until her parents showed up. As extra measure, Ben's dad went out daily in the morning but would return empty handed in the evening. Fearful that he too would disappear, Maple told him to stop searching.

Over years, Maple and Ben became close, transitioning from friends to siblings as she was fully merged into the family. Ben's parents made sure to teach her the ways of being a bear, including how to hunt and fight.

It was then that the Ink Black Bear sightings had returned. At first Maple ignored them but upon telling Mr. and Mrs. Claus about how her father left to hunt it, they ventured off to track it down. Maple was left alone with Ben under orders to stay at home until they returned.

That night, the nightmare returned and Maple and Ben woke up to the smell of ink. Curious, they both ventured downstairs where they came upon a large black bear standing in the doorway, ink dripping from its fur. Without a moment's hesitation, the two ran for their lives. Being small cubs however, neither of them were fast enough to outrun the bear and were caught. Before they were devoured, the fairytales' Märchens awoke and they fused together for the first time, creating Polarus. Fighting back, they defeated the monster, only to pass out and awaken at night, alone in the forest with ink staining their fur.

Wandering, scared and alone, Polarus was eventually found by a witch while at the verge of breaking apart. Preparing to awaken as a stuffed mount on someone's fireplace, Ben was relieved to awaken and see he was in one piece alongside his sleeping sister.

Skills and Abilities

Maple is capable of large feats of strength due to her upbringing of bears.


Grizzly Gauntlets allow Maple to summon large clawed gauntlets that can scratch even the hardest of armor and channel the strength of 10 full grown grizzly bears.

Maple and Bean fuse together to become a large bearlike beast.


  • Maple is a big fan of musicals.