Castella Castor


A good long as no one is misbehaving. She's the founder of Briar Patch and owns the Inn. She is also the foster mother of Hazel and Kettle, who she ran into a long time ago as abandoned children. However, she accidentally winded up lowkey adopting all the other young fairytales of Briar Patch and is often treated as the community mom.


Castella can be intimidating at first, only because she is straight to the point to see who has ill intentions. After she is sure of one's good nature, she is actually really nice. She's can be very protective of the Briar Patch residents.

Skills and Abilities

Castella is capable of using magic, like many other witches.

Index Insight

Castella can sense who is bookmarked and who isn't. She can peer into a fable and see their telltale heart.


  • Castella is one of the few Beanstalked characters not based off a specific fairytale and rather the concept of a good witch.