Kettle Castor


Jack and Hazel's sister. She and her brother help their mother, Miss Castor, around the inn.


Mischievous, she and her brother love to play tricks on people. When it comes to making relationships, she can be more outgoing than her brother.

Skills and Abilities

Having consumed a magical being, Hazel and Kettle have more magical stamina than expected.


Food Conversion enable Hazel and Kettle to take an object and transform it into a dessert. It's unknown what the limit and radius of transformation may be.

Super Speed
Her specific Märchen effect. Whatever food she consumes can be converted into speed. The more sugar in a food, the more of a boost she receives.


  • Jack isn't actually related to Hazel and Kettle through blood. The twins just thought he was super cool and immediately attached to him, absorbing them into their makeshift family.
  • Hazel oves to play tricks on people with his sister.
  • Hazel enjoys singing but tries to keep it a secret due to being self conscious.
  • Hazel is surprisingly bashful.