Kettle Castor


Jack and Hazel's sister. She and her brother help their mother, Miss Castor, around the inn.


Mischievous, she and her brother love to play tricks on people. When it comes to making relationships, she can be more outgoing than her brother.


Hazel and Kettle were raised by a loving father in a small town. Growing up wasn't all too eventful until one day, a corrupted raven wandered into town, leaving an inky trail behind it. Things began to go downhill and more and more creatures would appear in the town corrupted by ink. It eventually escalated to people coming down with ink poisoning. Food began to dwindle along with resources and the village struggled stay alive. People who went to scout winded up never returning and despair began to set in. The fact the monsters surrounding the town seemed to be growing more and more sentience by the day wasn't helping moral. Worried about the future of his children, Hazel and Kettle's father began to plot out an escape plan.

During the day, their father studied the mannerisms of the ink and at night, he'd work out an underground route out of the town. Hazel and Kettle did their best to help him with hopes they'd never have to use it.

One day, the stains finally began their final approach on the town with full plans of taking completely over. Now completely sentient, chaos reigned as they ran rampant through the streets. The twins were immediately taken to their secret passage where they were instructed to run and never stop. Hazel and Kettle refused to leave their father and waited under ground, waiting for him to come join them in their escape. Instead, the ground above them rumbled and ink flooded into the tunnel, forcing them to progress as it flowed. Hazel and Kettle emerged in the forest, dripping in ink and gagging at the rancid smell mixed in it.

Although they desired to head back home and search for their father, the countless stains prevented them and they forced themselves to leave. As they journeyed deeper into the forest, they could feel themselves getting nauseous. What they falsely believed to be side effect of inhaling too much of the smell was actually them being corrupted by ink. Desperate for help, they stumbled across a cottage in the woods made of sweets. There, they met a kind gingerbread who promised to help them. Instead, they were caged and prepped to become dinner. Fed up with the hand of cards they were dealt from life, the twins soon pieced together their plan of escape and executed it without a hitch...well almost without a hitch.

The ink coursing through their veins made it difficult to maintain themselves and as they held the oven door shut, their growling stomachs got the best of them. Taking the now cooked remains of what had been revealed to be a magic filled human, they consumed them and the magic they still contained. Unknown to them, the transformation magic was triggered and their ink poisoning was cured. What was well known to them was the fact they had just killed someone and ate their body. As their consciences took them on a guilt trip, a stranger entered the cottage.

Fearful of it being yet another bad card, the twins hid themselves away. It didn't take too long for them to be discovered. Thankfully, they were found by a woman by the name of Castella Castor.

Skills and Abilities

Having consumed a magical being, Hazel and Kettle have more magical stamina than expected.


Food Conversion enable Hazel and Kettle to take an object and transform it into a dessert. It's unknown what the limit and radius of transformation may be.

Super Speed
Her specific Märchen effect. Whatever food she consumes can be converted into speed. The more sugar in a food, the more of a boost she receives.


  • Jack isn't actually related to Hazel and Kettle through blood. The twins just thought he was super cool and immediately attached to him, absorbing them into their makeshift family.
  • Hazel oves to play tricks on people with his sister.
  • Hazel enjoys singing but tries to keep it a secret due to being self conscious.
  • Hazel is surprisingly bashful.