Jack Dorado


A farm boy who comes from Upon, he wields a giant axe and has a magic cowbell to call upon his moon jumping cow, Malt. His Fairy Godmother is Oriana of the Gold. His father was the legendary Jack the Giant Slayer. He draws in his sketchbook during his free time but isn’t very keen on letting people see the inside of it. Most of the drawings are of his dreams though.


Jack is an clumsy goof who struggles when it comes to meeting people. He tries hard to make a good first impression which usually goes south fast as he's so awkward. He cares greatly about his friends and is always willing to help them out. He lacks confidence in battles but makes up for it with his quick thinking.


Jack was born March 5th in the dead of the night. During the first 3 months of his life, he used to have green eyes and would throw the most violent tantrums due to the slayer blood he inherited from his father. It was a genuine struggle to calm him down and there'd be points where even Aurelia and Jack (Father) would sob along with him. Thankfully, upon becoming 4 months old, Jack's eyes turned golden like his mother's and the tantrums completely ceased. He began to act like, if not sweeter than, a normal baby with no further signs of oddities...save for the hair flicks sprouting on his head from his father.

During the course of Jack's early childhood, his father was off and on with his appearances. This was due to his knighthood duties which occasionally got in the way of his family. Eventually he had decided it was time to shift his complete focus to his family and promised that after one last quest, he would become a more present part of Jack's life. Unfortunately this final quest involved joining the War of Storybook. A quest that Jack never returned from, leaving Aurelia widowed and Jack Jr. fatherless at the age of 4.

Upon reaching 5, Jack's mother began to notice how difficult it was for him to make friends. All the other kids thought he was too weird due to his habits and the way he'd occasionally dress. It was a struggle to get him to go to school since everyday he seemed to come running home in tears. Aurelia, low on ideas and struggling keeping the farm alive decided to homeschool him and even got him a pet cow to keep him company. When asked what to name her, he settled on Malt. They got along like the best of pals.

As the years passed, Jack began to grow more and more curious about the world around him. At 10, he began to shift his focus towards exploration. Seeing nothing wrong in letting him stretch his legs, Aurelia allowed Jack to go just about anywhere so long as he took Malt with him. All trips ended safely with only small scratches and light bruises.

During one trip, Jack found himself in a new area of the forest after stumbling upon a set of animal tracks he never saw before. Ignoring Malt's obvious hesitation to continue, Jack journeyed deeper into the forest. There, he winded up encountering the source of the tracks; a large black wolf. Fleeing in a panic, he ended up slipping and falling into a river. Jack lacked the strength to swim against the current, leading to him being swept up. There, he winded up nearly drowning and meeting a watery end. Thankfully, a little girl cloaked in red came to his rescue and pulled him out. Jack, unconscious from the incident, never got a good look at her as he awoke in his room to an exhausted mother.

Jack's adventures were greatly limited to only the market where there were plenty of witnesses. Scolding and lectures never worked to steer Jack away from attempting to wander further so his mother settled on giving him a sketchbook when he turned 13. She figured the safest place to explore was one's own imagination.

Over the the years, the situation of the farm only got worse and worse to the point the only animal left was Malt, who was getting skinnier and skinnier by the day. Although she hated the thought, Aurelia tried to get Jack to sell the cow at the market for gold. But Jack hated the thought even more and continuously avoided the task by procrastinating and playing dumb. Eventually she snapped, leading to Jack handing Malt off to a mysterious woman dressed in blue. A mysterious woman who happened to be the Moon herself.

Skills and Abilities

When filled with enough adrenaline, Jack enters a state commonly referred to as "Slayer mode" . This persona is more serious and only noticeable when Jack's eyes turn green. Like many fairytales, Jack has the ability to use his Märchen which commonly summons a large battle axe known as "The Axe of Giants".

Magic Boots
A gift from his late father, these boots just increase his agility and speed as well as raise his stamina. Jack can leap large heights and even run up vertical or dangerous surfaces.

Malt's Bell
Recieved from the moon. It's used to summon Malt Whey from the stars.


The Axe of Giants can cut through just about anything with ease. It's tremendously heavy to everyone save for Jack, who feels only a fraction of its true weight.

No matter where it's thrown, the axe will always return to Jack when called back. Due to the velocity it gains on the trip, it's been known to slice through a couple unfortunate souls.

A megamove, Jack summons the aid of a large strone figure wielding a giant axe. Think of it as a mech...but more magical.


  • Although his full name is Jackson Slayman, his father thought it would be confusing for two Jack Slaymans to be walking around and suggested Aurelia giving him her last name instead.
  • Jack was originally born with green eyes, similar to his father. Upon reaching 4 months old, his eyes slowly shifted to his mother's golden.
  • Jack has no limit to what he wears. If given the choice, he will pick a skirt or dress over pants. Sadly, he is self concious and often wears more masculine clothing due to anxiety.
  • Jack rarely swears and often uses replacement words, such as "Flock" for "Fuck".
  • Strangely enough, Jack has the natural cent of sweetened coffe, even though he rarely drinks the stuff. Many people find it a calming smell and feel more relaxed around him due to it.
  • Jack can't swim and has a fear of large bodies of water. If he can't see the bottom of something filled with water, he'll have no part in it.
    • In relation to the above, he is also prone to getting sea sick as his experience with sea faring are minimal.
    • His fear could be directly traced back to when he nearly drowned in the river as a kid and had to be rescued.
  • Prior to owning Malt, Jack had one other pet; a chicken. Sadly, due to decaying living confiditions, his mother and him had to eat it.
  • Jack is a concerningly big fan of sweets. He loses a bit of self control, going to extremes for sugary treats and has been known to stuff his face with them until he gets sick.
  • In the modern AU, Jack knows a bit of Spanish thanks to his mother.
  • Jack has a form of odaxelagnia when it comes to Nana's teeth. Although many find her razor sharp points to be intimidating, he tends to get flustered when he sees them.