Kai Guirlande


A beautiful prince believed to have been stolen by a monster, he has the ability to transform into a beast to aid in battle. His Fairy Godmother is the one who had actually thrown him into his current situation but she claims it was for his own good. He follows the once duo, then trio, now quartet to aid in their mission to retrieve their happy endings.

Meanwhile, across the sea, his mother and father wait for the day their son returns.


He gets very attached to people close to him. He's highly sensitive and doesn't like it when people get hurt. It takes a lot to really get him angry since he's such a gentle dude but the second a friend gets hurt, he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe.


Kai grew up in a far distant kingdom and was raised to be a humble and kind person. However, being humble is a bit more difficult when you are the prince and future heir. Kai never let the future get to his head though.

Whenever he could, he'd lend a helping hand to whoever needed it, no matter what their social status was. One of these days, a stubborn fairy stumbled across him and warned him of how he should be careful of being taken for granted. She continued by telling him how the world preys upon the kindhearted and told him to harden up. When Kai brushed her warnings off, she made a bet that she had a spell that would make the same people he helped would turn against him in an instant.

This was a bet he was sure he would win. However, Kai was slow to realize that magic was capable of a lot more than he was aware of and he was instantly transformed into a monster. Rather than panic, Kai instead calmly went approach someone for help.

This didn't go very well as he was mistaken for an actual monster and had the guard sicked on him. When he cried for help from others, he instead was attacked and chased by the people in the kingdom, who mistook his voice for the prince being stuck in a monster's stomach.

Eventually, Kai snuck onboard a ship and was sailed away from the kingdom who literally wanted to turn him into a rug. Accepting he lost the bet, Kai called upon the fairy, who was surprisingly less than happy with the sudden escalation of events. It didn't help that for some reason, she couldn't cancel her own spell.

Realizing that the only cure to the spell was to find someone who didn't see Kai as an actual monster, the two set out on a journey to find some friends.

A journey that was very short lived the second they reached Upon due to how many people kept trying to attack the poor fella. Fearful of dying before finding a cure, Kai took refuge some ruins in the forest and has resided there ever since. The only friends he has are the flowers he manages to find and plant.

Skills and Abilities

Kai is cursed to turn into a beast. While he has the occasional control over it, he sometimes transforms if his emotions get too out of control.


The Blade of Beasts is a large rose decorated sword that Kai can summon and use no matter what form he’s in. Due to its size, it can also be used as a shield.


  • Kai loves to make flower crowns for his friends.
  • Kai naturally smells like roses in the rain.