Ashe Kindling


The friendly neighborhood pyro, Ashe is always ready for some grand adventure. Her mother is the Fairy of Flames so that explains her fascination with the fiery element.


Ashe is energetic and is positive 85% of the time. She also has a fierce attitude and is constantly willing to help others out. Due to her past with her step sisters, she doesn't have very high self esteem and struggles to accept compliments.


Growing up, Ashe only knew her father due to her mother having gone missing shortly after her birth. Early on, she showed many signs that she was more magically inclined than the average child. One of these signs was her strange fascination with with fire. It was a concern for others to see her playing with the flames but a great joy for her. Especially since she was completely fire proof. When asked why she seemed to favor fire over toys, Ashe claimed that there was a kind little fairy in the flames. Her father, fearful that people would deem her a witch, made her keep her talents a secret.

Eventually her father a kind woman who already had two daughters of her own. The family got along whenever her father was present but behind closed doors, her step family would show their true colors. She was forced to keep the abuse to herself or risk being falsely outed as a witch along with her father. Fearing for the safety of the only true family she had, Ashe remained silent and dealt with what was thrown at her. The only person she could go to was the same little fairy that lived in the fire she played with.

Unfortunately, life got worse as her father grew ill and passed shortly after. Now at the mercy of her step-family, Ashe dealt with even worse treatment as she no longer had the security of her father to save her. The only way she knew how to cope was to resort to fire. Occasionally, her step-family would leave to go on their special outings, leaving Ashe behind to complete the chores they laid out for her. It was during these times that she got to truly practice her magic without a care in the world.

Skills and Abilities

Ashe can control fire and use her enchanted broom.


The Blazing Broom. it can act like a flamethrower to burn or a torch to guide. She can also use it to fly, similar to a witch.


  • Ashe has a strong singing voice.
  • Ashe has been known to speak "backwards", saying words in the wrong order. Examples of such are:
    • "Over there in the closet, I put the broom back" instead of "I put the broom back in the closet over there"
    • ""Light a need for anyone?" instead of "Anyone need a light?"
  • Ashe's natural body odor faintly smells of a campfire and burnt marshmallows.
  • Due to her step-family using it to mock her, Ashe dislikes being referred to as Cinderella.
  • Ashe can't stand when things get filthy and unorganized and can't rest until the immediate area is clean.