A Lupine who doesn't really want to hurt anyone but understands he has to if he wants to keep he and his brother safe. Remus can best be referred to as a protagonist who is struck as an antagonist.


Remus is rather carefree, often staying in his lane unless he's talked into something that interests him. He often depends on his brother for more serious interactions. Remus isn't particularly fond of hurting those that don't deserve it.


Remus was born after Romulus by seconds. Being less bold than Romulus, he has to be protected by him very often. When they were young, their birth mother was killed by a hunter, leaving them orphaned until a human woman stumbled across the twins. Taking pity on the two, she took them in and raised them. However, the village slowly began notice the increasing disappearance of live stock.

Eventually Romulus and Remus were figured out and nearly killed. Their adopted mother covered for them, saying that she was the cause of the live stock being killed withthe lie of her being a witch. She was killed by burning at the stake but before she was taken away, she told the two wolf brothers to leave the village and get as far away as they could. Romulus and Remus were going to leave but once Romulus heard the pained screams of his mother, he snapped and turned.

Remus received his burn scars when he tried to free their mother from her bounds on the stake. The thought of losing two mothers was too much for his brother. The results were a massacre.

On that day, Remus saw a side of his brother he hopes to never see again.

Skills and Abilities

Remus has heightened strength, speed, and stamina. He is more reliant on his Märchen than his brother.

Lupine Abilities

Lupine Shifting
Remus can alter his body, making certain features more Lupine like than others.

Feral Shift
Like many Lupines, Remus can change his form into that of a giant wolf or a more anthropomorphic shape.


Eject allows Remus to control the wind, blowing things away from him.

Remus exhales, causing to everything in his surroundings blasting away.

A megamove that Remus can only pull with Romulus. The two work together and push and pull the winds, creating a strong tornado.


  • Remus doesn't have the best eyeside in his left eye, leading to him basically having monocular vision.