A Lupine who is just trying to keep his brother safe. He works under Nevermore but doesn't share her world views. It's difficult to read him and how he positions himself in this struggle of happy endings and bad ends.


Romulus is very blunt and doesn't like wasting time on trivial things. He only trusts his brother and will lash out at anyone who causes him harm. He lacks the patience to deal with many people, often leaving Remus to deal with the more social aspects of life. Romulus handles the more serious things, serving as the brains of the two while Remus serves as the heart.

Skills and Abilities

Romulus has heightened strength, speed, and stamina. Truth be told, he doesn't really need to use his Märchen in battles as they often wind up ending in his favor with just his brute strength alone.

Lupine Abilities

Lupine Shifting
Romulus can alter his body, making certain features more Lupine like than others.

Feral Shift
Like many Lupines, Romulus can change his form into that of a giant wolf or a more anthropomorphic shape.


Engulf allows Romulus to control the wind, pulling things towards him.

Romulus inhales, leading to everything around him not tied down getting sucked into his maw. What he manages to latch his mouth around is swallowed.

A megamove that Romulus can only pull with Remus. The two work together and push and pull the winds, creating a strong tornado.


  • Romulus' nickname for Jack is "Rabbit". It's not meant to be endearing as he just can't shake the rabbit vibes he gets from the farm boy.