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The Fight for the Right to a Happy Ending

Beanstalked takes place in a parallel world called Lore. Every 100 years, the Sun and Moon assign people roles from fairy tales from our world. Jack is a farm boy who has been assigned the role of the title character from Jack and the Beanstalk for the current generation.

Everything is fine and dandy until an evil ink fairy, named Nevermore, decides she's going to ruin everyone's stories due to complete and utter boredom. This escalates to everyone having to scramble around to avoid getting erased, veering off their original storybook paths.

During the struggle, characters run into the conflict of deciding if their happy endings are worth the sacrifice compared to the happy lives they've made for themselves while off the story paths assigned to them. In Jack's case, he winds up falling in love with a Lupine girl in red named Nana who has been assigned Little Red Riding hood, actively going against the predetermined ending of his own story.